Instagram is my favorite social media platform because it’s to the point and visual, two attributes that I appreciate. I follow over 1,500 accounts currently, which makes my feed overwhelming and sometimes kind of boring. Luckily, there are a small handful of accounts that I seek out on a regular basis because they always elicit an internal response from me. Whether it’s happiness, joy, inspiration, introspection or humor, I think that should be the point of social media…and that’s why I’m sharing them with you!


Laura Izumikawa, a California based photographer, gained fame through photographing her insanely cute daughter, Joey, in elaborate costumes during her naptime (compiled recently in a book called, “Naptime with Joey”). Her account documents her day to day with Joey and her growing brand. Hilarious and adorable!


This account is devoted to modern design from furniture, architecture, technology to apparel and more, by a variety of artists. This account is definitely inspiring, and I especially enjoy their posts of artists creating in real time.


This is the account for one of my favorite blogs/websites/brands, that goes by the same name. Led by the creative anti-fashion genius, Leandra Medine, they are regularly posting super creative, fun and satirical fashion photos. As Medine said in a past blog post, Man Repeller is a “love letter to individualism”, and I just love that idea.


Celeste Barber is an Australian comedian, wife and mother. On a daily basis, you can see her imitating famous models and celebrities in the funniest, wittiest ways. She uses her normal “averageness” to her advantage, as you can see…


Okay, so I don’t know much about the person responsible for this account (it says “Mario A., but has a picture of a young woman), but I’m obsessed with the vintage photos of famous actors, singers and artists either performing or socializing. They are such a treat! I live for some of these outfits.


Sean is an animator/artist and his account is amazing! I love his “Secret World of Stuff” where he brings to life everyday things, like bubbles or a duster. I think it’s charming, sweet and so clever.


Holy sh*t, you guys! This is all doggies and puppies, all the time, doing cute, hilarious and amazing things. Speaks for itself.



Megan Jayne Crabbe is an Australian body positive activist and eating disorder survivor, something I can relate to. She posts unabashed pictures of her curvy body and celebrates others’ bodies, no matter what size, age or color. I’m inspired by her courage and I feel that this account challenges me to be more open minded.


Poorly Drawn Lines was created by Reza Farazmand, a cartoonist that covers various topics with funny little animal characters that can be endearing, sarcastic, sweet and just plain weird.



Here’s another Aussie for you! Dana Vulin was the victim of an acid attack in 2012 by a crazy woman that believed Dana was having an affair with her husband. 60% of her body was burned and she took years to recover, even wearing an extremely tight compression suit constantly. She’s used this as a platform to spread a positive message of survival, recovery and the power of inner beauty. She also looks amazing on the outside now as well!



Lou Doillon is the daughter of famous English-French model, Jane Birkin, and French director Jacques Doillon. I first became aware of her via Instagram and she’s just super cool. For example, she recently cut her own hair on a whim and it looked incredible (how?). She just totally embodies that French laid back glamour I love!


So hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of these gems. Do you guys have any accounts I should look at on Instagram?



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