Turtlenecks. Warm. Protective. Concealing. Sexy?

I grew up with a fabulous mom that embraced turtlenecks to a large extent. I remember rummaging through her dresser and it was like Crayola did a mashup with Turtlenecks”R”Us. You might be like, why are you dissing your mom? This is not a diss; that is the point I’m trying to make here.

When I was going through an awkward phase in middle school, I distinctly remember wearing turtlenecks a lot. This was circa 2002. My peers were trying to dress like Britney Spears, so I stuck out like a sore thumb. I was trying to look like an adult, but it didn’t land well because I didn’t wear my turtlenecks with confidence (and to be fair, modesty wasn’t “in”).

Fast forward years later! I’m still wearing turtlenecks, but relating to them differently and now, they’re sleek and sexy! I don’t consider myself an über fashionable person, but I’ve felt my most stylish in turtlenecks. See?

So, even though we’re leaving turtleneck season behind (and I’m not mad about it), I wanted to give them a shout out because I think they’re fabulous and they’re for EVERYONE!



Literally the entire attractive cast of “Love Actually”wore turtlenecks…

And even your dog looks great in a turtleneck.

Thanks for reading! Your reward is a picture of my brother looking like a little ham in a turtleneck. Okay, BYE!


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