After many years of being a beauty and makeup fanatic, with many bumps and poor choices along the road, I have retained some hacks that are easy and actually cost effective. You’re welcome in advance!

  • Use your hair dryer on your eyelash curler for five seconds before using. The heat will help your lashes curl more effectively (kind of like an actual hair curler). Note: let the eyelash curler cool for a few seconds before using so you don’t burn yourself!


  • Invest in a lip brush to get the most out of your lipstick bullet! No need to waste product and a lip brush also gives you better control in the application anyway. On the go and want to reapply without trashing your bag? Use a retractable lip brush and keep that clutch clean, diva.



  • If you’re like me, you’ve ugly cried over a broken powder compact. Stop right there! Don’t throw it away. Put the salvageable pieces back in the compact and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Smooth it all out using your finger or a spoon and let it dry overnight. Voilà! Good as new (almost).


  • If you’re freaked out about getting lipstick on your teeth, use the finger trick! Apply the lipstick, pucker your lips around your (clean) index finger then pull the finger out (stop snickering, pervert). The excess lipstick should be removed on your finger and not all over your teeth. Crazy eyes as seen below not required.


Thanks index finger!


  • When applying a full set of falsies, bend and manipulate (don’t fold) them gently before putting the glue on to make them more malleable and easy to shape on your  natural lashes. Also, don’t be afraid to trim them! Not all eyes are the same size. Customize those Ardells, gurl.


  • Slightly wet your brush (it should not be soaking; dab on a paper towel to remove excess water) when using eye shadow if you want a more deeply pigmented, dramatic look!




  • If you apply your base with your hands, rub your hands together to generate some heat; that will help with blending.giphy


  • Your eyebrow brush can double as a lash spreading tool to get rid of clumps. Just be sure to clean it between uses!


  • Hold a cotton square under your lower lash line when applying eye shadow if don’t want to deal with the excess fallen “sprinkles” under your eyes or on your cheeks. Or, if you’re not wearing any base, remove the fallen product with regular Scotch tape!


  • You can find cheap eyeliner pencil sharpeners at your local drugstore, but I  actually use a generic school supply style pencil sharpener from Walgreens! It also looks like a cartoon character, hehe!


Do you have any other tips that I need to know about??

“Hackers” Angie needs more hacks (and more red eyeshadow plz)!!!


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