Trader Joe’s is well-known for their tongue in cheek humor, customer service, great value and a wide selection of grocery, pantry and personal care items. TJs has a strong, almost cult-like fan base, due in part to some very original products.

I thought I’d share the ones I’ve found on my own or through friends’ recommendations (best believe you’re getting shout outs).

traderjoesguycrowdsurfinghardTrader Joe’s Guy loves to crowd surf!

My friend Arie introduced me to their frozen riced cauliflower and omg, do I pile drive through these bags like nobody’s biz! First of all, a serving is something like 30 calories and I love the thing where you eat a ton and then can be like, “I can still button my pants!” Basically, I just pretend it’s pasta and throw on some cheese (I’m eating fake cheese right now though), garlic powder, basil and lemon pepper!


What do you mean these aren’t Cool Ranch Doritos? They’re actually so much healthier, but a pretty solid taste substitute. Just keep in mind that they have a lot of fiber, so you can’t just slam through a whole bag and not expect…some movement.

I still want to put all the seeds, supplements and keys to immortality in my green smoothies, but I’m cheap and don’t have the space to store all that. So, this mixture is truly a life saver. Jury’s still out on the immortality.


My friend Zoe introduced me to TJs’ dark chocolate roasted pistachio toffee. I don’t like sweets. I really don’t, but you have to try this toffee. Or if you’re hosting a party, put them in a bowl and pretend you made them because you’re a bad person.


Quesadillas are my ultimate comfort food and they’re not complete without salsa. Their salsa verde is just mouth-watering. I’m literally drooling on my kYEfyboarddc.


This would be a little too extra for me, but for sweet tooth lovers, this is nuts (or biscuits)! I’ve never seen this before. Also, stop pretending you haven’t been wishing Nutella was a cookie.

I’ve had multiple people rave about this clever seasoning, but my friend Lindsey recently took it to the next level, sprinkling this on her fancy avocado toast! Genius, delicious and trendy.


When I was in my teens I was obsessed with the fat free vanilla meringues. Weirdly pleasant mouthfeel, no fat. What’s not to like?

Cauliflower is so hot right now! The prepared frozen cauliflower pizzas are fantastic. They also sell plain cauliflower crust, so you can personalize that pie of yours without slaving for hours making your own.


Again, not a sweets person, but these are so famous and I’ve been known to dabble in eating extremely alliterative foods. They’re small and cute and have less calories (not really, because I know you had 42).


I personally love eating pesticides (good for the complexion), but if you’re really OCD or just simply conscientious about your health, you’ll want to give this a try! Give your produce that spa treatment it deserves!


If you live in Chicago, you’re not trying to pay a bag tax. They sell some great reusable bags with regional designs, among others. My Chicago bag (not the one seen below, obviously) has been used more than my Sephora card.



Am I missing anything?? What else do I need to try?

PS Sorry I didn’t include any meat on here. I don’t like cooking or buying meat. I do like eating it when other people make it though!

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