Today we’re going with a different format. Instead of one topic, I’m going to ruminate, discuss, and mention things that I’m thinking about that I want to share with you!

My dear friend, Kylie: thank you SO much for recommending the podcast, “Dirty John”. I am listening to episode #3 as I write and I anticipate binging the rest before I go to bed regardless of how late that keeps me up!

Please everyone; if you ever have a podcast recommendation for me, especially true crime, let me know. I am giddy with this one. It’s well produced, interesting and occurred so recently, which makes it even creepier! Not to give away any spoilers, but we’re dealing with a con artist, one of the most fascinating types of criminals. Why? Because they have to be intelligent enough to play on human emotion, which they equate to weakness. Note: be careful not to do much research/Googling on it if you want to be surprised because there appears to be a lot of related media interviews and news articles since this series aired in late 2017.


So I did a bad thing this evening and stopped into Target in the midst of my powerwalk…


…but look:


Sugarfix is the jam. So is Target. These fun colors are making me excited for spring and summer!

I have had a history of awful neck strains and spams in the last few years, so bad that it required physical therapy and sometimes intense medication to break the pain cycle to increase mobility and heal. Unfortunately, I tweaked my neck again, but I felt it coming on and got my arsenal of heat wraps and Tiger Balm patches. Now, it’s feeling a bit better (I think I’ve dodged full spasm). I believe this occurred from sleeping oddly on the plane back from Florida and doing something weird while exercising. Because of that, I don’t want to make it much worse and so I’m not really exercising much other than walking. It’s a bummer and I don’t feel great because of it. Such is life I guess! Makes me think about how my younger years as a very reckless athlete has come back to bite me, ouch!


Do you ever stop midway through a television episode? I’ve been finding myself doing that lately, not because I’m not interested in the show. Let me give you an example. I started the third season of the fantastic quirky romantic series, “Love” on Netflix, produced by Judd Apatow. The writing, casting, acting? All great. I think sometimes the awkwardness and reality of it makes me cringe. Kind of like “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, but more feasible. Why is it that we don’t like to see other people fail or do stupid things? I’d like to think it’s because I’m such a kind, empathetic person that I literally cannot stand to watch it for too long. Happy to accept the Hero Award.

So, does that ever happen to you? Binge watching is weird. Sometimes, I don’t think certain shows were really meant for it. It’s too much on your emotions and cringing causes wrinkles.

PS I do highly recommend “Love”, though!


Okay friends! Thanks for letting me rattle off. Mwah!

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