I am a huge fan of sleep! My former roommate and one of my best friends, Zoe, can attest to this. If I could feasibly nap every single day, then I would. The restorative benefits of sleep are incredible for your mind and body, but how does it specifically affect your skin? Why is it called “beauty rest”? Let’s explore!

Do you ever wake up from a long nap and your eyes are glossy and your skin looks plump and youthful?


Look how gorgeous her skin is after an eternal sleep!

According the the National Sleep Foundation, in the N3 stage (formerly known as Stages 3 or 4), you can expect an increased blood supply to muscles as well as tissue growth and repair, among many other important processes.

Sleep is essential to health and beauty. Think about it! The more you’re in bed snoozing allowing your wonderful and don’t forget expensive skincare products to sink in, the less you’re exposing your skin to the elements including the sun, disgusting fumes from city busses, and people walking in front of you that think blowing cigarette smoke and practically ashing on your face while commuting is acceptable human behavior!

Additionally, a lack of sleep is known to increase levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone that you want to keep down. Otherwise, it will put your skin in an inflammatory state, making you ripe for acne, dryness and a dull complexion.


These witches literally never sleep, and you can tell…

So, if you’re at a stage in your life where on a Friday night you still feel like you need to go out or stay out drinking vodka sodas at the bar until 1am, then consider not doing that. Tell your friends that you need your beauty rest, and then when they roll their eyes at you, you can dream peacefully about punching them in their face and being America’s Next Top Model, winning the beautiful skin challenge, because that exists now.

Take it from me; I may not get many compliments, but when I do, they are usually about my skin! Be friends with that pillow, girl!

PS consider buying a satin pillowcase; I find it helps prevent wrinkles, but honestly, if you can train yourself to sleep on your back, that is ideal!


Baby Meg knows what’s up!

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  1. spinn477 says:

    I share in your affinity for sleep! I can never seem to get enough!

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