Hello, hello! Instagram has been an invaluable platform for this blog so far and a great barometer for my self-esteem. That said, I thought I’d do a two parter on the Instagram accounts that I love to follow (here’s the link for Part I). Here we go, round two!


Eva Chen is the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram! Her posts include snapshots from both her personal and professional life, often co-mingled. They are always exuberant, creative, fun-loving and of course, fashionable! I love her sense of style and self-deprecating humor (I appreciate that in any “fashion person”). Her #evachenpose is amazing too – a daily photo of her legs up in the back of a cab, showing off a fun designer bag, funky shoes, a piece of fruit, and sometimes her sweet daughter’s shoes as well!


He’s a well-known actor with notable credits like 30 Rock and American Horror Story, but what I love about his Instagram are the adorable photos and videos of his family, including twins, Willow and Ethan. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s ridiculously good looking, especially as a newer dad!


The most MAJOR makeup artist on Instagram! She posts almost pornographically gorgeous pictures of her makeup and models in her fierce looks, which often means heavy pigments and glitter! I love that she posts her personal inspirations, like Grace Jones and Debbie Harry. Her account transports me back in time to Studio 54, wearing only glitter!


A successful actress and fashion maven in her own right, Tracee Ellis Ross also happens to be Diana Ross’ daughter! Her account is a mixture of kooky, playful videos, incredible fashions, behind the scenes of the show she stars in, “Blackish”, throwbacks of her mama and more. I love her unique “out there” sense of humor, beauty and style. She radiates positivity as well!


Do you guys like things that are tiny? I do! Anything small is automatically cute to me whether it’s a tape dispenser, chair, or plant. It’s cute and I want to hug it! Well, this account takes tiny to the next level. Real artists create miniature versions of everyday items with insane detail and it’s mind blowing!


The voice actor behind Linda on Bob’s Burgers also has an incredible sense of humor as well! Between his “Spirit O Day”, “Rub Out” and “Artsy Fartsy” posts, I’m always extremely entertained and impressed by his incredible range of pop culture references and sharp wit.


This one is an indulgent guilty pleasure. It’s more or less throwbacks of celebrities and movie stills from the 90s and early 2000s. Often said celebrities (think Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan) are intoxicated and are in appalling fashions that were popular at the time. Paired with a snarky comment, they admittedly give me a chuckle and make me feel better about my own life! Am I bad person? Don’t answer that.



I’m always taking screenshots of these cartoons so that I can cleverly insert them into my blog or a text conversation. Haven’t successfully done that until now! What’s not to love about humorous cartoons mocking our insane sociopolitical climate?

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