Did you miss me? Were you sad not to have your little burst of sunshine that is my voice or what you think it sounds like on your morning commute or at the gym? Sometimes, to create the element of surprise, generate interest, none or all of the above, you have to withhold your greatness from others.

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I joke, of course. The reality is that last night I fell sound asleep by 9pm and though I set my alarm for 6am to write early this morning, I shut my Alexa up real quick and slept for another hour. Usually when I hear her alarm, I’m still half asleep and I forget what her name is. “Alexandria!”, “Andrea!”, and “Amanda!” in a raspy, drunk sounding voice. My neighbors love me.

In addition to falling asleep early, I spent my evening yesterday going to the gym, which I’ve done less of in the last week or two as I’m nursing a minor neck strain. Additionally, my fire alarm has been beeping and saying “low battery” in a very shrill tone every 20 minutes. I asked maintenance to take care of it, but apparently, they are on furlough forever. So, I had to drag my bed under my fire alarm, put a step stool on it and basically surf on that while trying to change my fire alarm’s batteries. I was tired, Gilbert.

So here’s the deal. Besides being busy and tired and blah blah blah excuses, I wasn’t feeling inspired by any particular topic yesterday. And I don’t want to shill out mediocre content for the sake of having a post published daily at the usual time. I know people like consistency, but inspiration isn’t consistent!

Why am I telling you this? It’s because I would like more of your feedback. I want to know what you enjoy reading about, what images you like to see, any suggested additions, etc. Please make use of the comments and share your thoughts with me (but try to be constructive and positive because I don’t like maliciousness from garbage people). The blog is fun for me alone only to some extent. It’s the reactions that keep me engaged and fulfilled. Go comment below. You do some work for once, god!

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