People are inappropriate and often oblivious. This is especially noticeable on public transportation, where there is a high volume of people, more specifically strangers, that we don’t have any reason to care about or empathize with. From blatantly obvious to so subtle that you may not even realize you’re doing it, here are the bad behaviors committed on planes, trains, and automobiles!


Here’s me shoved in the corner of the “L” train!

  • Nudity (full or partial), cat calling, frottage, sexual harassment, and all other behaviors associated with being a pervert. Shouldn’t have to be said, but unfortunately, it does happen!


  • Eating hot meals. No one wants to smell your fried chicken, Thai food, barbecue, curry, or hamburger on the bus. Half of us are already nauseous from being bumped around in the back, plus you could spill on our new pants.


  • Finger combing your hair and dropping shed strands. They don’t just plummet to the ground like anvils, dummy! They float onto other people’s laps. SICK!


  • Loud personal calls, especially during morning rush hour. I don’t care that you’re mad at your boyfriend, or you’re unhappy at work, or that you just finished the second season of “The Crown” (unless you’re a friend). I want as close to silent as possible and I’m very confident I’m not alone in that regard.


  • Stealing people’s personal items. Not cool! Don’t be a loser and get your own cell phone through honest work.


  • Gum snapping/smacking. Pretty self-explanatory. No one wants to hear your mouth noises, not even your mom. You will be mean mugged.



  • Nose picking and/or eating (yes, I saw someone do this multiple times recently that was not a child). I know you need your folate and magnesium, but consider an old fashioned vitamin, you pig!


  • Not removing your bags from the next seat if it’s busy/crowded. Your tote won’t burst into flames if it touches the floor. Put it on your lap or prop it on your feet if you’re skeeved by the floor. Additionally: if someone asks you to remove your bag so they can sit and you sigh and roll your eyes, then SHAME.


  • Sleeping on multiple seats or bobbing your head/leaning on the passenger next to you. Stop playing Xbox all night and get some sleep. You’ll be more beautiful.


  • PLEASE. For the love of god, keep your shoes on. Please please please please…..

disgusted steve carell GIF-source.gif

  • Using any windows or glass partitions as a mirror. There was a girl next to me who kept leaning over to look at her reflection as she was applying a full face of makeup, including foundation! It was weird, creepy and a total invasion of my space.


  • Poor hygiene. For example, if you smell like garbage and cat pee, everyone is going to smell that around you. Also, if your sick, let’s cover your mouth when you’re coughing and sneezing.


  • Bringing large bulky packages or bicycles on the train during rush hour. Also, not being aware of your bags if you’re standing and bumping a seated passenger in the face. That’s always a fun time!

See my spacial awareness? I even made room for a sassy foot!

My hope is that this gave you a chuckle. My other hope is that you will be mindful and responsible for yourself when traveling communally. Either that, or get rich enough to avoid public transit forever (my personal goal).

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