Good morning friends! Today I’m stepping out of my narcissistic bubble and am giving back. Must be a full moon!

I had recently done a closet overhaul, picking off a large variety of items to try to sell, admittedly. Most of them were a big fat no from Crossroads Trading Co., but I did walk away with $12, huzzah! PS, that’s a great place to consign or shop. As you can tell, they are very picky about what they accept. I once bought a pretty little black dress by BCBG Max Azria for $20 that I still wear.

Anyway, the rejects are still very nice, and some are even name brands. My friend Sarah told me over Easter brunch that the Salvation Army does pick ups in the city. I don’t believe this was the case a few years ago, as I had tried in the past when I lived in Lakeview. Regardless, I am thrilled! It’s a win-win for everyone. I don’t have to take a PTO day to lug bags full of clothes to their nearest location.


So voilà! As you can tell from the dirty tile, my building does not have a doorman, so I’m hoping no losers attempt to steal (the front door is locked), but you never know your neighbors…

Additionally, I’m finally returning for a training session at PAWS Chicago, a fantastic no kill shelter for dogs and cats. It’s been more difficult than I anticipated attending these sessions. Things have come up, I’ve gotten sick, plans I couldn’t miss, etc. Finally, I am able to return today. selfishly, I’m looking for my next doggie fix. I didn’t say I was perfect! I’m more of a Scarlett O’Hara than a Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, if you couldn’t tell.

Hopefully later today I can circle back with a picture of whichever dogs I work with this afternoon as well as an x-ray of my slightly larger heart and smaller head. Here are a few photos of my little buddy Cocoa from last time!

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