Normally, I don’t wake up before 6am on a Saturday morning. Today, for great reason! I’ll be heading to Indiana for one of my dearest friend’s baby showers! I’ve had many friends have beautiful, lovely babies, but Britt would be my first best friend that is my age going through the process. I love hearing her stories and thoughts and feelings about pregnancy and the anticipation of having her own little person coming into the world.

I’ve also enjoyed hearing and seeing photos of how she’s decorated the nursery, what names inspire her, and her choice behind not knowing the gender of her baby, especially when most people throw elaborate gender reveals. I know she’s going to be an incredible mama to her baby and I just can’t wait to see what he or she might look like and watch this little one grow up. It’s also been really fun to hear this perspective from my friend Andrea, who recently had her third, unbelievably cute baby girl! It’s really kind of an honor to be invited to witness this part of someone’s life. I feel lucky!

It’s so weird because for years and years I would make declarations that I would never have children or I didn’t like them. I suppose that’s a typical reaction from a teenager/college aged kid. That has changed completely in the last several years, but I do think I’ve always loved babies! I’m so excited to celebrate. It’s just so damn cool and such a major event in life, arguably the most important. It makes me excited at the prospect for myself, someday.

One thing I love about this shower and I don’t know if this is common as I’ve not been to many, is the request that in lieu of a card, to please bring a book and write a note in it. What a great idea! Children’s book are amazing and I’m hoping my classic choice wasn’t duplicated – can you guess what it was? I’m not going to share yet in case Britt reads this post. At least my note will be unique!

The improved, spring weather in Chicago has definitely lifted my spirits and apparently South Bend will be in the high 70s today, which is perfect. This is the ideal time of year to be celebrating new life and upcoming chubby cheeks as that is probably my favorite part of new babies! Women, you guys. Creating, carrying, delivering, and nurturing life. What can’t we do?

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