May I just wax poetic for a minute about the glorious fragrance that is, Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford? Good, because this is my blog and you don’t get a vote.

Sephora has been marketing Tom Ford’s summer fragrances big time as of late. While I don’t mind his variety of orchid centered fragrances, orchid is just not my style. Little too floral for me. Additionally, my previous fragrance of choice, Crystal Noir by Versace, is being phased out. That said, I haven’t been wearing perfume much lately. In a job where you interview candidates on a daily basis in a smaller private room, wearing perfume is a bit much. When I interview someone bathed in perfume, it’s hard not to feel like you drank some straight from the bottle. It has even induced headaches! For that reason, and the fact that the dating scene has been very, very slow, it’s not been on the top of the list of shopping priorities to select a new fragrance, but….

Enter Soleil Blanc (white sun, in French). Tom Ford does not mess around. This fragrance magically encapsulates all of the essence of summertime. It’s hard to describe it, but it contains notes of cardamom oil, bergamot, benzoin extract, and pistachio. It’s so elegant and when I tested it, I felt like I was on the beach in Mexico, wearing a sun dress with a cocktail in my hand. It is glamorous, but understated. So well done, as is pretty much all things Tom Ford (including his art film, A Single Man, which I highly recommend).

I didn’t purchase it until I went back to Sephora for the second time to see if I still felt the same way about it. Tom Ford is truly luxury and the pricing is indicative of that. But, knowing that this will last me a long time and that it evokes such powerful, positive and wonderful feelings and memories of summer, I was hooked and I went forward with my purchase. Perfume is actually a very reasonable way to experience luxury retail, and that is pretty fabulous. And listen, I have a retirement account, good credit, and am generally fiscally responsible, so eff it!

The packaging is stunning, too. For many, that doesn’t necessarily factor in as an attribute of any import, but I truly appreciate lovely packaging in a beauty product. Take a look:


So if you see me this summer, smell me. I mean it and I promise not to punch you in the face or stomp on your foot. I wouldn’t blame you. You will love this scent!

Tom Ford is just something else, you guys.

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