This will be a short post, as I have a fun one planned for tomorrow, but I just felt the need to proclaim springtime in Chicago, finally. Check out today’s forecast and the rest of the week. No sign of snow! My parka is at the dry cleaners for good reason, hurray!

It’s about time. After work, I’ve been taking looping walks by Lake Michigan, totaling around 3.5 miles. It’s invigorating to see so many others out and about as well, whether they’re running, rollerblading, biking, or simply sitting on the grass. And boy is the grass green now! It makes me so happy to see. The same goes for the blooming tulips! Here’ s a snap from my walk yesterday. You can expect a lot more photos on this blog from my ambling sessions.

Chicago spring and summer might as well be Disney World because it’s truly the happiest place on earth. Patio season is upon us. I love dining al fresco and I did recently in the theatre district downtown. I took this picture that really makes me so proud and content to be where I am, in Chicago.

I’m also excited because I have some events coming up, including a show tonight that I’ll be posting about tomorrow, an upcoming Mother’s Day dinner, a friend’s wedding, baby related celebrations, and more. All positive, happy things that I’m looking forward to posting about…!

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One thought on “Finally Spring!

  1. spinn477 says:

    Same here!!! So excited for warm weather!

    Liked by 1 person

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