Hello chickens! I finally have a podcast that is not only active, but is only three episodes in that I can share and heartily recommend to you!

You don’t have to be a true crime lover like me to enjoy and immediately subscribe to The Wonderland Murders! This is produced by Wonderly and Hollywood & Crime. I was already impressed by Wonderly’s Dirty John, recommended to me by my friend Kylie (and covered in a past smörgåsbord post).

The Wonderland Murders cover the famed unsolved murders of a Los Angeles drug gang that occurred in a dilapidated house in Laurel Canyon. This was supposedly orchestrated by violent nightclub kingpin, Eddie Nash, in 1981. Supposedly involved in perpetrating the murders was the infamous adult film star, John Holmes.

Initially, the two co-hosts, Tracy Pattin and Larry Brand cover two separate narratives. The former begins with the lead up to the murders and subsequent investigation. The latter talks about the rise and fall of John Holmes, including his meteoric success in the adult film industry and his descent into a serious drug addiction and crime. By episode three, released just yesterday, the stories have been artfully woven together.

Besides covering an extraordinarily interesting case with very colorful characters, this podcast just nails it in the way it creates and combines narratives. There is so much imagery and specificity that you feel as though you’re watching a film or reading a Stephen King novel. I don’t know that I’ve listened to a podcast quite like this, but I promise that you will be enthralled. A huge bonus is that both Tracy and Larry have very distinct, but smooth tones to their voice, which is not always a luxury afforded to podcast listeners. I cannot wait to hear more and I hope you’ll share your feedback with me if you listen too!

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