I finally got out of bed today! I had so much fun yesterday at the Cubs game with my lovely, hilarious, and generous friend, Danielle. I was very fortunate to experience the 1914 Club with its exceptionally good food (I had a veggie burger and arugula salad with gorgonzola and peanuts), lot of vodka sodas, and some incredible seats. They also have a mega fancy dessert bar, that I did not take advantage of as I don’t much care for sweets, but rest assured, it was something to behold!

We made a lot of friends around us at the game, so admittedly, I wasn’t paying a ton of attention to the actual game. Shocking, I know! For a moment, I thought these Giants were from New York, then I remembered that’s football, not baseball. Afterwards, we topped off the night doing karaoke at Bobby Love’s in Boystown and ordering vegetarian tacos to go, which I definitely ate in bed! Bobby Love’s was fabulous. I can’t believe I never went in, despite living very close to it for two years. Danielle did an energetic “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn and I did “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac after first yelling, happy birthday to my lord and savior, Stevie Nicks (she just turned 70). Such a fun way to kick off the long weekend because Friday didn’t count for me. After the office closed early at 3pm, I went home, took a shower and climbed into bed and fell promptly asleep! With the kickoff of spring/summer social festivities, plus a busy week at this office, I was conked out. More and more, my Fridays tend to end this way. In bed by 8:30pm, playing Candy Crush or watching Forensic Files until I literally go cross-eyed and pass out. Living my best life!

Speaking of weather, it’s almost surreal to have consistent warmth, sun, and blue skies in Chicago. At last! Currently, I’m at my local Starbucks sitting on their large patio, observing the comings and goings. I’m seeing a lot of owners with their panting dogs lapping water from cups, runners braving the strong sun, groups of girls in their short jorts, a few transients, and a smattering of couples and singles just hanging out. It’s really pleasant to just park it outdoors and watch. I told myself I had to get out of my house and be a loaf outside instead of staying in bed all day. Man, I do not bounce back like I used to! Far cry from marathon party weeks at Indiana University. Kind of wild to think about turning 30 in less than two years and that my 10 year high school reunion is this year as well.

The rest of my weekend will remain low key. I’ve got a fun week coming up, including a happy hour with friends, the Taylor Swift concert with Marge, a friend’s wedding in Indiana, and the baptism of one of the cutest babies on the planet. All fun, wonderful occasions that I’m very much looking forward to. Life is good. Friends and family around me seem to be healthy and happy. At this moment in time, I feel peaceful and regardless of the political climate, I’m not feeling that pervasive sense of dread and doom, with the exception of all of the school shootings. I cannot imagine being a kid at school today. I think I would be so afraid and paranoid. I have such fond memories of elementary school. Middle school, junior high, and high school were very dramatic and I was an absolute roller coaster of emotions, but certainly I was not ever concerned about one of my fellow students or some outsider becoming an active shooter, picking off innocent teachers and students randomly. These types of epidemics stem from some kind of disconnect, perceived lack of understanding, and usually rage on top of that. I guess the only thing we can do on a personal level is treat others with kindness and understanding and ensure that people have the opportunity to get the resources and/or help they need.

I will likely mull over this more in a future post, but for the moment, I’m going to keep writing and enjoying the shade and free Wifi on this patio. Please have a wonderful rest of your weekend, ideally doing something similar! Also, wear sunscreen. I’ve seen so many lobster people already this weekend!

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