In years past, I would shudder at the thought of swimsuit season approaching. I was “too pale”, “not in shape”, blah blah blah. I’m over that mentality! OVER IT. I’m not being paid to model swimsuits, so why should I be expected to look Photoshopped if I go to the beach or pool? Am I going to paint my ass with bronzer? No. Am I going to starve myself beforehand? Also no. I really hope that women (and men) out there don’t punish themselves with these self-loathing thought cycles. If you need some inspiration, look up model Ashley Graham. She is considered a “plus sized” model, but she’s really just a beautiful, curvy woman who rocks a swimsuit and looks ridiculous gorgeous. Thin, short, skinny, curvy, tall; all bodies are beautiful and everyone should enjoy wearing swimwear! Without further ado, here are some of my eclectic suit picks for summer!

Ashley Graham x Swimsuits For All Flapper Swimsuit

I like this suit because it’s extremely flattering. You can’t ever go wrong with black and I love how it fits a curvier silhouette and lifts the bust instead of smashing it. The bling surrounding the plunging neckline also makes it more glamorous and wearable for a fancier pool party. I would wear this with heels, a big sun hat, and costume jewelry à la Alexis Carrington.

Wide brim and attitude for days!

A Pea in The Pod Striped Maternity Swim Top in Navy/Pink

I almost wish I was pregnant, this suit is so adorable (somewhere my mother is hyperventilating). I’ve always loved nautical theming and what I especially like about this suit is the cute lace up on top. I would absolute wear this, especially after eating pizza!

Solid & Striped “The Brigitte” in Primary Striped

How fun is this? I actually have this swimsuit, but in coral gingham. I’m sure you have noticed that retro brief bottoms are fully in style again. I, for one, am not mad about a high waist and full bottom coverage! Bright colors, particularly these large primary stripes also remind me of the interior of my favorite ice cream shop as a child. This suit really epitomizes energetic, fun, summery vibes!

I daresay this suit was named after famous French model, actress and beach bunny, Brigitte Bardot!

La Perla Color Power Multi-coloured Padded and Underwired Swimsuit in Pink

Though this is a trickier look to pull off given the potential hip hugging (cue the leg lifts, squats, and lunges), I really enjoy the sophisticated color blocking of this suit by La Perla. This is the kind of swimsuit that a Robert Palmer girl would wear, paired with red lips and slicked back hair, ascending from a clear blue pool. Très glamour!

Model from Palmer’s 1988 “Simply Irresistible” music video

La Blanca Meridian Mitered One Piece Swimsuit

I enjoy a solid one-piece, but it’s hard to find unique patterns. I love stripes, but sometimes they don’t give one a slimming effect. Consider something like this, with offbeat colors in a flattering chevron pattern. I also feel like you could actually swim comfortably or play beach sports with a suit like this, while standing out, of course!

BECCA ETC Show & Tell One-Piece Swimsuit in Indigo

I enjoy a crochet swimsuit very much. It’s a very California, bohemian chic type of look. But guess what? It’s not just for thin surfer blonde models as I previously thought. BECCA ETC designed an iteration that is both supportive and complimentary of a curvier woman. I specifically picked the indigo shade because I think it’s one color outside of black or white that suits all skin and hair tones.

Women’s Twisted Foil Bralette Bikini Top – Xhilaration™ Copper Foil


This one is a bit more of a wild card and I don’t know that it would be the best for someone as fair as me, but I love the twist of the bralette. Also, the “copper foil” material reminds me of J.Lo from Love Don’t Cost a Thing music video. Well, at least the bottoms do…


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