Last week, I was helping my mom out after she had knee surgery, and at one point, the little peanut lady asked me to go upstairs into my brother Bill’s old closet, aka the room he used to live in that looks way nicer now (sorry, Bill), to grab some toilet paper rolls to restock the downstairs bathroom. On the top shelf under the glow of a single lightbulb with its ancient looking chain, were two blue plastic baskets that immediately caught my attention. In them, were a variety of toys. Mostly Bill’s, but some of mine. They were dusty relics, but I was so delighted to rummage through. From plush toys to action figures, that my brother just referred to as “guys” or “playing guys”, memories flooded back. I took the baskets down from the shelf and took a few snaps before returning to my errand of retrieving the toilet paper for my mom (I would do anything for love…and I did do that). I wonder if any of you have some dusty toys like this in your closets or crawl spaces. Worth taking a peek, because it was really hilarious!

This shark was a regular during bath time. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a Jaws brand replica? I do remember making it attack my Barbie dolls and squeezing it to spurt water. Can you see the Tyrannosaurus rex in the basket? That was probably Jurassic Park related. I played with them, but I definitely think these were for Bill.

Christmas toys! We had that little snowman for a long, long time. It looks like it peed itself though with the stain on its FUPA, haha! You can also see the goldfish mini Beanie Baby from when McDonald’s was shelling them out. They were extremely coveted at the time, from what I recall. I think I’m also looking at the bottom of one of Bill’s Hot Wheels and a mini Simba plush toy.

Awww, my poor dusty Minnie Mouse! I believe I got this little lady when we went to Disney World to visit my aunt Alice who worked there at the time in the mid-nineties. Years and years ago. I had a matching Mickey Mouse and they were a sweet little couple. Give this girl a lint roll! Also, there’s the toilet paper I so laboriously fetched for Margie.

This one actually made me laugh out loud. Jabba the Hutt. Appears to be missing something on the side of his blob face. I can’t handle it. This was definitely Bill’s, as I have never been much of a Star Wars kind of gal. I’m actually laughing now looking at this picture.

This is actually me before I moisturize

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