After a weekend trip to Trader Joe’s where I really took my time instead of rushing in and out on a Tuesday night post-gym, I felt inspired to do another post about them and some of the unique and special items you can find there. As Chicago is celebrating pride this weekend, I really appreciated the pride flags displayed in their windows. I have also noticed that my neighborhood location employs some genderqueer individuals as well, which I think is wonderful. I like supporting stores that have a more progressive viewpoint on social equality! Trader Joe’s to me will always be elevated given their savings, quality of product, friendliness, hiring choices, and of course, because they have so much great stuff! Let’s start the list.

This Organic Liquid Stevia is calorie free and is a great alternative sweetener compared to the Splendas of the world. Drop this in your coffee, oatmeal, tea, or whatever else needs a little sweet boost!

I never noticed this before, but the packaging is so pretty and I’ve been on the market for a facial toner. I love anything rose scented and this toner is indeed, hydrating and refreshing.

A girlfriend turned me on to these! I’ll eat almost anything especially if it comes in multiple colors, like these little carrots. I’ve always enjoyed carrots, and these are great dipped in hummus, ranch, or just boiled.

My coworker brought this to the office recently and it smelled delicious! It may not be loaded with guacamole, cheese, and sour cream like Chipotle, but that’s honestly much healthier for you and your wallet, retailing at less than $5.

I already have been using their EVOO cooking spray, but for certain items that call for a more sweeter, fruiter taste than that, this seems to be a great alternative. Anything coconut is my favorite these days!

These sound rather odd, but if you like green tea flavoring and a little bit of sweetness, grab a tin of these mints at the register. I don’t know that they’re particularly effective in their breath freshening, but I really like them!

In my previous post, I highlighted TJ’s amazing riced cauliflower. Now they have a frozen stir fry version with veggies and sesame oil. It’s so flavorful that you don’t even need to add cheese or soy sauce. So delicious, filling, and good for you!

Here I go with the coconuts again! This is my favorite newer addition to my morning smoothies, outside of Vega Protein Powder. I haven’t found a replica even at Whole Foods. TJ’s for the win! Yum!

For someone watching their cholesterol that loves cheese, like myself, this lighter shredded mozzarella is a great option. It still tastes real and creamy but has 40% less calories and 50% less fat than the regular kind.


If you’re trying to get more cuciferous veggies into your diet, this kit is fantastic. It comes with a pouch of dried cherries and blueberries, roasted sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, and a nice, light dressing. Super healthy, yet the flavors are still balanced.

I’ve always had a thing for animal crackers, ever since I was a little girl. Granted, I’m not saying these are healthy because they are low in fat, but it doesn’t hurt and is a good alternative to most cookies that contain more fattening ingredients. Warning: once you open it, good luck stopping!

TJ’s is so good about having prepackaged fresh food and this vegetarian Bahn Mi Inspired Noodle Bowl is just brilliant and reasonably priced compared to what you’d pay for downtown on your lunch break!

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