Today is a very special post! I was extremely privileged to interview Rooshy Roy, the Founder and CEO of aavrani, a new beauty company that offers a range of natural skincare products. You guys know I’m always excited about all things beauty, especially a new, cutting edge brand like this! This is even more meaningful to me as I’ve known Rooshy for years, having been in the same sorority pledge class at Indiana University for undergrad. I’m not at all surprised by her success and ingenuity. I distinctly remember her studying for advanced business courses in the kitchen of our sorority; so impressed by her intelligence and drive that she balanced so well with fashion and beauty!

I’m sure you’ll be as inspired as I am after you read more about aavrani, how they’ve created a unique space in a very competitive market, and Rooshy’s journey so far!

What is aavrani and your inspiration/ethos behind founding this company?

aavrani is the first premium skincare brand inspired by ancient Indian beauty rituals.
Growing up as a first-generation Indian-American, I often watched my mother and aunts, both in India and in the U.S., create their own skincare treatments that were highly effective, yet all-natural. However, it didn’t occur to me until I was much older that, while there was an abundance of skincare options out there, there was nothing that quite matched the power of the all-natural skincare rituals I had grown up with. Moreover, many of the products catered towards darker-skinned women bought into conventional beauty trends promoting lighter skin, and thus often contained harmful skin-lightening chemicals. This was my inspiration for aavrani. I wanted to bring those powerful solutions I knew from my childhood to women here in the U.S., and enable them to feel empowered in their own skin.
aavrani products use powerful, yet gentle and natural ingredients like turmeric and almond oil to deliver a better skincare routine, by curating the best-in-class, efficacious formulations based on the rituals used by Indian women for centuries.

Was has it been like to make a major career transition from the finance industry to beauty?

I have been able to transfer and to apply the knowledge I gained from working in finance in my work as a founder of my own business. This transition was facilitated by my time in business school at Wharton, where I major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I have noticed the growth of the beauty industry. As one of its female leaders, I enjoy interacting with other female leaders in the industry.

How did you go about sourcing these ingredients?

We work with an amazing chemists and manufacturers who specialize in all-natural cosmetics. We have carefully curated the highest-quality ingredients from around the world and are certified all-natural and cruelty-free.

Your packaging and website are beautiful! What was your process like in creating and developing the aesthetic behind your brand?

Our brand is Indian-inspired. We chose the lotus as our symbol. As the Indian national flower, it has connotations to ancient natural beauty. Furthermore, aavrani celebrates female empowerment through the lotus flower. That is, just as the lotus flower grows from the bottoms of streams and muddy ponds and rises above the water with seemingly effortless grace, so too do our grandmothers, mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, and friends every single day. Like the lotus flower, these women have an acute ability to rise above and navigate life’s challenges with elegance. We use gold tones and millennial pink to showcase our luxury feel and to embrace the trend of self-care and natural beauty for young women. Overall, we emphasize clean-cut, natural colors and images that embrace the Indian tradition, female empowerment and the luxury experience.

Your Indian heritage is the pinnacle of aavrani. What is your earliest beauty memory?

My early beauty memories take place back home in Michigan. The Indian women in my community would gather to prepare masks and creams using natural Indian ingredients. The gatherings were moments for bonding and delivered reliable beauty remedies that were created entirely using traditional Indian skincare wisdom.

Is the aavrani Ritual feasible for everyday?

Yes!  The ritual can be done every night in a simple 4 steps:
1. Cleansing (Glow activating exfoliator)
2. Toning (Balance Restoring Serum)
3. Moisturizing (Softening Hydra-Whip)
4. Eye cream (Eye Rejuvenating Elixir)
Note: The Glow Activating Exfoliator can be used as a cleanser on a daily basis and can be used as a mask every now and then when you’re looking for a deep cleanse!

Tell me about your partnership with Shanti Bhavan School.

A portion of our revenue is donated directly to the Shanti Bhavan School, empowering children through education. The school provides education and other means to children in India, giving them the opportunity to learn and move on to amazing influential careers (check out where the last graduating class went on to do here).
For more about the school see this website:  Shanti Bhavan School.

Where do you see aavrani five years from now?

We envision women across the country choosing all-natural skincare; aavrani empowers women of all shades to practice effective skincare regimens. We see a future where everyone has heard of the incredible effects of traditional Indian skincare (similar to the way we all know of Korean beauty)!

Do you have any advice for aspiring beauty moguls?

Tell your story! As women in the beauty industry, our understanding of beauty and beauty rituals has been shaped by our unique experiences. It’s important to share with the world both your innovations and where they come from.

Where can people shop aavrani or find out more about you and the brand?

aavrani products can be purchased at Also, check out our Instagram @aavrani for more on our products and the brand.

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