Most people use multiple brushes or applicators like sponges to apply their makeup on a daily basis. One of the primary reasons they use makeup can be to even skin tone and to cover up blemishes. Well, if you don’t regularly clean your implements, you’re at risk for more blemishes. That’s just a silly, counterintuitive cycle. Your brushes collect dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria over time; not just makeup residue. Gross!

I thought I would share my methods for keeping my makeup tools clean and my face more blemish free. Technically, you should be cleaning your tools after every usage, but for me, I typically deep clean them all once or twice a week. It’s not always possible to clean your brushes in the morning before work. For that reason, I would invest in purchasing more brushes so you don’t have to reuse a dirty one. I’ll include some brush sets for you to check out.

For Water Soluble Makeup

This Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Spinner Kit is a great way to clean brushes with water soluble makeup on it such as powder blush (as seen below). It will not, however, effectively remove non water soluble makeup like cream concealer from your brushes. I recommend this version on Amazon that has a USB charger. My version requires AAA batteries, which were not included in the purchase.


Step 1: Put hot water and a few pumps of dish soap in the plastic bowl. I use Method or Mrs. Meyers dish soap, but you should choose whatever brand you feel comfortable putting on your face indirectly.

Step 2: Select the right fit for the brush (the rubber pieces) and insert rubber piece onto the spinner. The brush should not be loose.

Step 3: Dip the brush into the soapy water and turn the spinner on. Hold in the water for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Slowly lift the brush out of the water for 15 – 20 seconds, allowing it to dry.



For All Makeup, Especially Non Water Soluble

So for brushes with non water soluble makeup (think of the creamy based makeup you use), I like to clean using a brush cleaner spray from Sephora. Japonesque makes a really good one too. Make sure to douse your brush in the spray and use a paper towel to wipe off the residue. You may need to repeat these steps. Your brush is clean when nothing else comes off on the paper towel. Let dry horizontally if the brush handle is made of wood, so that the remaining moisturize doesn’t drip into the base of the brush handle and rot it.

For Masking Brushes

While you can absolutely apply a face mask with your hands, I prefer to use a clean foundation brush to apply mine. Most face masks, regardless of their purpose, are very thick in consistency, so I have found the best way to clean them is simply using bar soap. I personally like the Dove ones. After you’re finished applying the mask, run some warm water over the bar soap and rub the masking brush back and forth on the soap. Once it’s fairly sudsy, rinse the brush under warm water, squeezing out the excess masking product and water. Repeat as necessary!


Don’t forget your eyelash curler, tweezers, and other implements! I use the brush spray on a paper towel to clean the mascara residue off of my curler. With tweezers, poufs, and sponges, I like to rinse with dish or bar soap. That said, sponges and poufs are rather difficult to get fully clean, so I recommend replacing them every few weeks, or depending how often you use them!

Brush Sets

Finally, let me share some inexpensive brush sets with you so that you don’t have to keep using the same ones over again. My favorite brushes come from MAC or Sephora, but they are not cheap, so perhaps consider purchasing them piecemeal if you’re looking to add quality tools to your arsenal overtime. In the meantime, these sets below are great value!

Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Complete Makeup Brush Set – 10pc | $40

bh Cosmetics Metal Rose – 11 Piece Brush Set With Cosmetic Bag | $17.50

IT Brushes For ULTA Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 5 Pc Getting Started Brush Set | $58

Eco Tools Bamboo Brush Set – 6 Piece(s) | $12.05

e.l.f. Professional Set of 12 Brushes | $12

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