Truth be told, I’m not one for resolutions or steep goal setting. I don’t like to set myself up for feeling like a POS if I deviate from a plan. So the less rigid the plan or intention, the better! Still, I think now that half of 2018 has passed, it’s a good time to reflect and check in. Maybe even think about areas needing development. Maybe my goals will inspire you. Maybe they will make you laugh at my expense. Either way, here we go.

Stop with the spiel.

Sometimes I feel like I have a script. Someone will ask me how my love life is going, how’s work, or how my family is doing. “Oh, it’s a trash heap dumpster fire,” “we are really busy,” or “everyone’s doing great.” It’s the same response, almost word for word. And it’s getting boring as hell! It’s not that I mind people asking and inquiring, but I wonder how it would be if I were to answer more authentically and “off script”. I think it might be surprisingly fun and connective.

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Not click bait or Twitter. Get back to books. I love reading, but my old ass can’t make it past two pages at night, so I have got to make it more of a priority during the week when I’m not face down in a pillow dreaming about billionaires or orcas. I still look up words I don’t know and reading stirs my creativity that sometimes likes to lie dormant. Plus, I’ve been reading Stephen King’s IT for two years now at this point and I want it of my nightstand.

Don’t get too cynical.

I want to be a realist. I am very confused and disappointed by the sociopolitical climate in America right now. That’s the reality of my perception, but I still want to be patriotic. I’m happy and grateful that I am an American woman. I don’t want to forget that in spite of the vitriol and rage from everywhere.

An invitation should be cherished.

My favorite moments this year, and in particular this summer, have been whenever I’ve accepted a spontaneous invitation to do something. Eff routine. Magic happens when you open yourself up and show someone you’re grateful they want to spend time with you.

The Joneses aren’t happy.

Reminder! That package waiting for you in your foyer from Prime, Nordstrom, Sephora, or anywhere else is a temporary high and doesn’t mean anything really at all. So when you feel envious of the people who have more stuff delivered to a fancy doorman, just remember they have to pay more in ego-driven dysfunction.


I mean if you can’t hardly touch your toes, come on (said me to myself in the mirror).

What about you? Anything you need to work on? Almost certainly yes…


PS Happy Fourth of July – don’t set a firework off on your head!

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