It’s a simple formula and I’d like to take you through it!


I met my favorite person for breakfast this morning. She looked adorable and was very cheerful. We caught up and gossiped over some black coffee and nearly identical omelettes (we have very serious differences over preferred cheese).

Pure cuteness! Sporting a stylish updo and her famous tan.

It was a special treat to see her, and she liked that I surprised her by picking up the tab! I told her I’ll charge her interest on it or something stupid like that.


I’ve been trying to exercise more but the thought of going to the gym was not at all interesting, so I decided to walk by the lake, in spite of the unfortunate weather. I’m kidding, it’s perfection today in Chicago! It’s back to that Wizard of Oz technicolor, with rich blues and greens. Lots of happy people, families, and cute shirtless men were out on the lakefront path exercising, picknicking nearby, or laying in hammocks.

Azur skies. No filter necessary!

View of downtown and the Hancock Building from the bend at Fullerton

Diversey Harbor

Not an ugly way to exercise! And I wore SPF 100+ on my shoulders and back. Plus my infamous visor!


So, admittedly, on my way to the lakefront path, I noticed the new Bluemercury storefront on Clark and Diversey, where the old Walgreens used to be. Walking past it initially, I was proud of myself, but lo, I came back around to Diversey from the lake instead of snaking back home through Lincoln Park, by the zoo, as I normally would.

First of all, I’ve never gone into a Bluemercury. I know it’s trouble for me (in a good and bad way), and I’ve been a very loyal Sephora customer. That said, the beautiful panoramic windows and the light and bright interior drew me in and I was gagging from unadulterated joy.

They carry so many fantastic brands as well as ones I’ve not heard of. There were large tables of Nest candles and diffusers of all different scents, walls packed with Ren, Avène, Kiehl’s, Bumble & Bumble, and makeup stations including Laura Mercier, By Terry, and more I didn’t know. I came away with some small wallet damage, but also, a cute tote bag and a bunch of samples (far more than I’m used to at Sephora). I made friends with the darling sales associate named Christina, who was very helpful and fun. She got a kick out of my self-effacing humor and my addiction to beauty!

The loot! I purchased the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (a favorite especially in summertime, Kiehl’s Super Fluid Daily UV Defense for more outdoor walks and under makeup, and finally By Terry Baume de Rose in the new stick version. The rest are samples!

Apparently, Bluemercury has a facialist onsite as well, which is very good to know for the future.

My new tote bag and the facial menu!

Currently wearing Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask by Ren. And it absolutely does feel comforting after a long walk in the windy city!


It’s not 5 o’clock yet, but I don’t follow rules, especially on a day off. I’ve been really loving wine spritzers lately with a nice pinot grigio, club soda, or sometimes La Croix. Refreshing and fabulous! Makes me feel grand like Liz Taylor on a mega yacht.


Mood. Forever.

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