I haven’t posted as frequently in the last week because I’ve been just enjoying some time “off”, as it were, with the holiday and a few days off from real work. Also, if I don’t go out and live my life, I will have nothing to write about. Beyond the extraordinary weather last week, which included a trip to the beach and many a glorious walk, I’ve been trying to spend more time out and about with loved ones, per my “resolutions”. I haven’t regretted a single invitation I have accepted or that I’ve made!

I’ve also just let go of this notion that I absolutely need to post a certain amount each week. I am not being paid to write this blog, yet I can’t force myself to churn out utter garbage (withhold your personal judgments). What I mean is, if I’m not enthusiastic about something at any given moment, I don’t really want to put forth any content. And living your life is the only way to discover new things that you’re enthusiastic about, so hence. Plus we all need a vacation sometimes; even from our passion projects.

I will say, one thing I’m extremely enthusiastic about is the cult televisions series, Twin Peaks! Oh my god, you guys.!I feel sorry for myself pre-TP. It’s everything you could ever want in television. A handsome lead (Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Cooper), amazingly fleshed out characters full of dichotomies, a dramatic, moody score by Angelo Badalamenti, and the weird writing/direction by David Lynch! It’s the best. It’s got murder, sex, and mystery wrapped up in a film noir, surrealist, and soap opera style! Plus, the 90s fashions!!!

I am on season two of the original series (streaming on Netflix). Please do yourself a favor and get into it. The first two – three episodes are a bit confusing, but I promise you’ll get sucked right in if you just are patient.


I’ve also, as you may have seen, gotten really enthusiastic about pinot grigio this summer. I rarely drink white wine, but suddenly I’m just loving it for it’s lightness and chill in the hot weather. Throw in some bubbles and it’s a party! Speaking of a party, I had a ball with my friends Zoe, Elissa, and Katie on Saturday night, drinking many of said drink. Later in the evening, there was karaoke and you know I was literally devouring the microphone and belting every other song.

I used to sing a lot of Dixie Chicks as a kid, can you tell?

You know how people say, “Oh you have to try to meet people organically!”? Well, I was trying to flirt with the bartender on Saturday, thinking I was doing a good job of it. So at the end of the night when we order our Lyfts home, he beckons to me and I saunter (in my mind) over and said in my head, “okay, here we go!”. I seductively ask him for pen and just as I am about to put the pen to a napkin to write out my number, he says, “Yeah, you have some more beers to close out on.”

So, let’s just enjoy that image of me slowly backing away after signing the check.

As I said earlier, I’m really into this concept of not needing to do anything. Like in this instance, I didn’t need to have any shame. I wanted to back away slowly. And I did do that, and there was no harm, no foul, except for the bowl of pasta I fell asleep curled up next to. Intimacy via carbs is the way of the future!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up!

  1. BB says:

    I love this!! You made me LOL tonight 😬

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