This past weekend was very cool. I traveled to South Bend so that I could meet my best friend’s newborn baby son, Tommy. He’s so teeny at two and a half weeks old. He’s got her perfect nose, but miniature. It was such a treat to hold him and feel his teeny soft hand clasped around my finger. He’s beautiful, with darker hair, dark blue eyes, and perfect little face that has a clear mixture of both mom and dad.

Speaking of mom and dad, it’s been the greatest joy to witness my friend, Britt, evolve into this role. She does it with grace, commitment, love, and a fantastic sense of humor; a marvel given she’s had very little sleep of late. I also enjoyed seeing how affectionate her husband, Tom, is with little Tommy. They were meant to be parents and they are such a great team! And we can’t forget about my favorite dog in the world, Tommy’s big brother, Hoosier. He’s so sweet to his baby brother and was as snuggly with me as ever. The constant love and loyalty from a dog is pure magic.

After my return from South Bend, I had a nice pedicure and then nestled in to complete The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, a book written by David Lynch’s daughter Jennifer, in the voice of Laura. Then, I decided to finish the second season of the original Twin Peaks, which I completed at around 1 or 2am on Sunday morning; I can’t quite remember. Sunday, I woke up early to do a bunch of errands, then watched the prequel film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, that covers the last week of Laura Palmer’s tragic life. As a reminder, the majority of the original series is about solving her murder.

Sunday evening, I attended a fantastic barbecue with a group of very interesting, creative people, including my little peanut friend, Zoe. It was a beautiful summer night full of fireflies, delicious, healthy food, and fun conversation. I told her how I finished the series this weekend and she asked me if she should try it. The original series is much like Game of Thrones, but there’s even more humor in it, so I did recommend she give that a shot. I would really for anyone that likes mystery, interesting characters, and dark humor. The prequel film, Fire Walk With Me as well as The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, however, are both incredibly dark. I would recommend those after the series, if you are fully hooked, as it does create more context and answers many questions about the series. I will soon watch the revival series, likely by doing a free trial on Showtime and then deleting my subscription. Giving myself a little break though, as it is heavy!


With my dear Zoe at the barbecue!

Anyways, not much else is new. Enjoying the summer as much as possible while it flies by so quickly. More soon…

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