Time for another Smörgåsbord and we’re on round III! Enjoy the charcuterie board of topics this week.


The past few weeks were pretty major in terms of sales. I already covered the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The other “major” one barely deserves mention. Amazon’s Prime Day. What a massive dumpster fire! In addition to the website being down for over an hour, the sales were trash! The only decent items were Amazon related electronics. I already have an Alexa, though, so cool. The rest of the offerings included off brand eyeliners, ugly tennis shoes, Himalayan salt lamps, and other useless bullshit that no one really wants or needs. Once the website was finally functional, I was severely disappointed. Shame on you, Amazon! That’s karmic.

pic 1


Well, speaking of dumpster fires, Match.com continues to severely underwhelm. Firstly, every man seems to ignore my “headline”, if you will, specifically stating I’m seeking someone who lives in the city of Chicago. I also have nothing against the people reaching out to me, but it’s just so abundantly clear they aren’t interested in your parameters. 55-year-olds in Kentucky, recently divorced trans women in the suburbs, unemployed smokers; no one cares to even glimpse at your profile and what you’re looking for. Or how about the ones that copy and paste their messages, send the same messages over and over? You’d think investing actual money would provide a better service…

Seriously, guy?


A new friend I met at the barbecue last weekend, Emily, recommended I try reading The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by don Miguel Ruiz. I’m just at the earlier stages, but I’m intrigued so far. It’s classified as a self-help book, and it’s clearly focused on positivity and reframing perspectives. More on that once I finish, but have any of you read this?


As you also may have read, I’m taking a Twin Peaks break before watching the revival because I honestly was pretty depressed after watching Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and reading The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. Really, really dark stuff. Important and I’m glad I did watch and read them, but definitely left me feeling rather depressed. In the meantime, I’ve been indulging in the feel good, heart warming and very entertaining Queer Eye over on Netflix My brother Bill, colleague Abbey, and many other friends have been telling me to watch, and it was just the uplifting show I needed.

Pic 3

Still on the fence about my favorite of the Fabulous 5!

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