What obsessions are reigning queen in my world right now? Let’s break it down!

Jonathan Van Ness! The “Groomer” on Queer Eye. Also, the genius behind Gay of Thrones. Also just the light of social media, topping my “most searched list” these days. He’s by far the most flamboyant of the Fab 5 and there is something so endearing and sweet about his personality. He’s also sassy, confident, vulnerable, hilarious, and very talented when it comes to hair styling and the like. I wish he was my friend!

Jonathan is just so adorable and positive. He seems to have a big, big heart and I love that he is so prominent in pop culture (same thing goes for the rest of the Fab 5), because we need more people like that.

How cute is his obsession with Michelle Kwan?? She was my absolute favorite Olympic skater growing up!

Canva! If you are ever wondering where my blog graphics or LinkedIn postings for my job as a recruiter are coming from, it’s this genius program, available on desktop or mobile. Essentially, it gives you access to designs, illustrations, and more. You can even upload your own photos and add text, shapes, and other design elements to them for publishing. They also offer pre-designed templates for different types of graphics for blog posts (hello!), Instagram, invitations, flyers, Pinterest, and more.

Pic 6

A lot of the designs are free, but you can also spend $1.99 here and there for copyrighted imaging, so that the artists are being paid something. Pretty reasonable for a DIY! I highly recommend this for your personal and professional needs. I’ve had more people noticed that my job postings for work have been really aesthetically pleasing and eye catching, which is exactly the point!

Quirky style! My favorite “going out” looks lately have been a little or a lot offbeat. I enjoy a solid baseball hat with big ol’ hoop earrings, a fanny packs with jorts, John Lennon glasses, off the shoulder striped sundress with espadrille heels, scuffed up Keds, etc. Just kind of weird, cusping on nerdy? I’m just so bored with the same Instagram model looks. BORED. Plus, I’m already single so it’s not like I’ll lose my boyfriend George Glass because I look like the Target Lady. My style inspirations this summer include fellow weirdos, like Janis Joplin, Leandra Medine (creator of Man Repeller), and all the Twin Peaks ladies in their sweater vests and floor length skirts!


Okay everyone, that’s it for now! G’bye!

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