This was a rather front-loaded fun week. On Thursday, I enjoyed happy hour with my colleague/friend Abbey, who is delightful, smart, mature beyond her years, and very fun to hang out with. That happy “hour” turned into a romp through Boystown, as her dad had a work event at Sidetrack, which is always a treat. I talked my head off to everyone and admired how attractive all the menfolk were, often to their faces. This of course resulted in me openly lamenting about straight men and their grubby jeans and t-shirts. They just shrugged and said, “sorry?”. They also probably wanted to say, “okay, go away now lady”. Le sigh.

Abbey is the cutest!

The night ended with me pigging out on pizza and mac & cheese. I overate because a) I had been drinking and did not eat dinner and b) I’ve been trying to “diet” in preparation for our 25th Anniversary Party at work and a friend’s wedding in a few weeks.

Ugh, the yo-yoing. That evening when I got home, was the first time I really felt triggered by my “eating disorder voice”. I didn’t do anything because I’m past that, but I just realized that not being prepared, trying to slim down quickly for an event and alcohol is a dangerous combination. It makes you feel like the mistake you made by eating so much junk food is unforgivable and irreversible. All silly stuff. My point in sharing this is that while I have been free from the behaviors of my eating disorders for five-ish years now, I still need to be careful not to fall into bad patterns, because that voice will always be there.

Back to happy things! The next day, Friday, I was off work early, motored to the gym for a quick workout, then headed over to Zoe’s in order to celebrate her 28th birthday! Zoe is probably my longest friend, having been her buddy in elementary school back when she wore big red glasses. So cute.


and then.

Well, a week or so ago, I reached out to her for present ideas, knowing that she would resist. So I got a little, well a lot, goofy with it.

I definitely got her giggling. And so what I decided to do was to hold true to one of my suggestions…

Almost more than the present itself, was the description that killed me:


“The Butterfly in a Jar gives you all the joy of having an energetic and attractive butterfly as a pet…”

We had a wonderful night with a bunch of friend’s on a patio of the corner neighborhood bar. Looking around it reminded me how like a (real) butterfly, Zoe attracts a variety of interesting and fun people with her loveliness.

Saturday was filled with a pedicure, four or five hour nap, and a massage. I also slept in this morning. Clearly catching up on my sleep debt. Today will be more productive. Will head to the gym soon and meal prep for the week this afternoon. This week reminded me of the importance of self-care, friendship, and inner peace.

Andrea will be out of the office all next week on vacation, which makes me sad for me, but happy for her. I always love being around her and she has been very instrumental in helping me stay positive and focused on the right things. But everyone needs a vacation from my inappropriate jokes, even her. Other than that, it looks to be a quiet social week coming up. So much the better considering the following week of August 6th will be jam-packed with shenanigans.

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