Well, I’m surviving my week back to reality and am quite grateful to be dried out, so to speak! On Monday and Tuesday night, I did a class at my gym called Bodypump; strength training with a lot of reps! I almost bailed Tuesday, but had a quick dinner and made myself go. I was glad because the instructor, who I’ve never had before, really motivated me to do heavier weights and when I thanked her after, she said, “Hey, come here! You were awesome out there!” It made me really happy, that simple exchange. It was a nice punctuation to a productive day back at the office.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to spending more time with my best friend Britt on Friday night and Saturday morning. We have fun plans centered around, you guessed it, eating and drinking! Any time spent with her is time well spent. The rest of the weekend will be GTL; gym, taking naps, and laundry.

Couple of random observations this week:

What the hell is happening with this synthetic opioid epidemic? I know it’s not really news, but this disturbing graph was just released and I think it’s so frightening. I am happy to see that big pharma companies are getting the flak and lambasting they deserve. Greed is not good, sexy 80s Michael Douglas.Image-1

Also, this right here. Image-1.pngI found this on NEDA’s (National Eating Disorders Association) Instagram page; it is so true regardless of who you are or what you’re dealing with. You don’t have to hit bottom, be non-functional, or despondent to care for yourself. Just as our physical bodies need regular maintenance, so too does our mental and emotional state. I’m going to be putting this into more regular practice so that I can try to live as peacefully as possible! For me, it will be working on issues surrounding my dad.

On a sad note, RIP Aretha! I’m disappointed I never was able to see her live at Ravinia. What an incredible lady with an equally incredible legacy. This is my favorite movie usage of her music! Also, Natural Woman? The BEST. Sorry, it’s even better than Carole King’s rendition and she wrote it.


Other than that, not much to report. More soon!

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