This weekend has been pretty magical! It was full of friends, omelettes, and interesting experiences around the city. My dear friend Britt was in town for a girl’s night; a kind and thoughtful suggestion made to her by her husband Tom. She’s been working hard caring for her infant son 24/7, so it was a good time for her to have a night of girl time! Luckily, it was my Friday to leave work early at 3pm. I still managed to have a quick Greek omelette for lunch that day from my favorite Loop diner, Chef Petros.

My Chef Petros’ Go-To

Britt and I went for a nice walk Friday afternoon before returning to my apartment to get ready for dinner. Our friend Kylie picked out a fabulous new restaurant over in Wicker Park called The Beach House Social, on Milwaukee and Honore. Not only was the food delicious (we split avocado hummus and then I got the Beach Front Bowl with brown rice, tofu, veggies, plantains, and salsa verde), the drinks were yummy and we remarked on how the decorating was very “Instagrammable”, obviously by design. There was also a very talented live musician/guitarist singing 90s hits as well as some classic rock tunes. The windows were open for the breeze to flow in and it was just a lovely summer night.

Beach Front Bowl: brown rice, black beans, fried ripe plantains, greens, pickled eggplant, sesame, green salsa. I added power tofu and veggies!

Sweet Britty with her sweet berry mojito!

As I very rarely venture west in the city, I suggested going to The Violet Hour, which shamefully, I’ve never been to because of the long lines! We were early enough in the evening to get a table almost immediately. The floor to ceiling curtains and dim lighting reminded me of David Lynch’s Black Lodge from “Twin Peaks”, but obviously more relaxed and not full of evil doppelgängers. The three of us treated ourselves to one cocktail. I opted for an Old Fashioned, which for me is rare. Britt ordered a “Spanish Margarita” and Kylie ordered the “Gold Dust Illusion”: Barbancourt 8 Star and Plantation Pineapple Rums, Lemon, Ramazzotti Amaro, and La Colombe Cold Brew Coffee. It was a very cool drink; you’re immediately hit with the rum, followed by the smokey cold brew, and then a tart aftertaste.

Kylie’s awesome “Gold Dust Illusion” cocktail in the tall glass!

As Britt’s being in town was special, we decided to have one more night cap. I suggested Blue Line just down the street. Another retro diner feel. We had a glass of wine and talked about the silliest stuff. It was really wonderful! We then went back to our apartments and it was light’s out.

With my crew at Blue Line after a lot of giggling.

In the morning, I snuck out to the gym for a Bodypump class at 8am. I wasn’t hungover at all, but my muscles were tired so it was really challenging. I hightailed it back home and then we went to the University Club of Chicago for brunch, of which Britt and her husband are members. It was so cool to finally go! They’ve talked about it for years and I just never knew what to visualize. It was unsurprisingly a lot of dark woods and rich colored carpets, though certain rooms had been renovated for a slightly more modern feel. We had breakfast on this terrace overlooking Millennium Park. I had, you guessed it, another omelette! It was delicious and incredibly relaxing. Britt gave us a tour afterwards and then we all parted ways.

Post brunch with the girls; Millennium Park in the background.

When I got home, I folded up the air mattress and then GOT TO WORK! I did dishes; two loads of laundry, ironed for an hour, cleaned the bathroom, the floors and more. My feet and legs were incredibly achy after all of this, so I climbed into bed and passed out for three and a half hours. I woke up, chatted with Marge over the phone and kind of futzed around before ordering a hamburger. My gams were still feeling like garbage, so I did Legs Up The Wall pose for 20+ minutes before going back to bed.

This morning, I slept in until 8:30am! Took some ibuprofen for the body soreness and now here I am at Starbucks writing this post. After this, I’ll prepare for the week, continue on Crazy Rich Asians and may do some light cardio and stretching later. Nice not to have Sunday laundry!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend with friends and omelettes! 🙂

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