Hello, hello. I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in a studio apartment or an environment with less storage available than necessary, but for me, it’s becoming a problem. I have a large closet, but I do keep a vanity table in there in addition to hanging a large majority of my clothing. On the ground is a wall of shoe boxes. Some are empty, others hold shoes haphazardly. Next to my closet is a little open linen storage type space with a few high shelves. I purchased a plastic storage unit with three drawers when I first moved into my studio, and on top of that is just utter chaos. Jewelry, sunglasses and other accessories piled on.


Just no.

I’ve become more and more dissatisfied with the current setup because A) it looks like shit and B) it doesn’t store my items properly. I’m sick of my off-season shoes collecting dust or hiding somewhere I can’t find them. I’m also tired of necklace chains getting knotted, losing an earring back, scratching lenses, etc. It’s just not working.

I’m not OCD level about my house, but I do really prefer living in a neat, clean, and organized environment so recently, I decided to make it a priority project since it’s been bugging me so much. The good news is that today, I received a lot of storage items from Container Store. I’m very excited to put the plastic shoe and boot containers, acrylic cosmetic drawer (I’ve run out of room; shocking), and jewelry organizer to good use. Right now, it’s still a cluster while I sort everything out!

Part II will hopefully include a satisfactory after picture, though I can’t say it will be like Cher’s closet. I’ll keep you all updated!

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One thought on “Claustrophobia & Clutter: Part I of The Closet Diaries

  1. Alice Freeman says:

    You’ll solve this dilemma …slow & steady wins the race… imagine the Big picture & slowly put it together like a puzzle. The container store is full of solutions. You’ve got this 😜!

    Love you, Megan!!! Alice

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