Part III and the conclusion of The Closet Diaries covers my “linen closet”, where I’m storing my accessories as well as my linens and towels. I have a fair amount of jewelry, sunglasses, scarves and other miscellaneous items without a proper home. My goal in all of this was to have my closets be more organized, aesthetically pleasing, and navigable. I don’t want to damage or lose anything in the future. Let’s see how I did!

Fun fact: my mom painted that landscape!

Folding jewelry screen and accessory boxes.

As you can see, this area looks way more organized. I put sunglasses, extra large jewelry, excess buttons, jewelry pouches, and other bits and bobs in the set of five accessory boxes. I’m also happy with the scarf organizer; previously, they were smashed and wrinkled in a wicker basket that would create little tears in the fabric. This is way better! I will be moving the scarf hanger into my main closet, but just wanted you to see it. Finally, I moved a painting into the area so it’s a little more charming, especially since it’s exposed when you walk around the apartment in the main areas (aka the one area because I live in a studio, ha).

Two non-closet additions: I was able to hang these bird pictures that my mom formerly owned. There’s a lot of navy in my apartment so they go very well with my color scheme and they remind me of my mom, of course, and my grandma, much like that lamp you can see in the photo on the left. I love incorporating family owned heirlooms into my space! My next project will be hanging a large, heavy mirror in the space next to them (you can see it peeking out from behind my recliner). I’ve also gotten a little under the sink organizer for the bathroom.

Nothing special, but honestly, it was way worse before this! Forgive the gross tile.

What I’ve learned from this project is that small adjustments can make a big difference, and home design/organization is most certainly an evolving process. Hope you enjoyed the series! 🙂

For a list of items, please see below! Jewelry screen details in Part II.

1 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer Silver

$24.99 ea $24.99
5 Our Accessory Box

$1.61 ea
reg. $1.79
1 Clarity Scarf Organizer Clear

$13.49 ea $13.49

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