Last weekend was spent celebrating my honorary “niece”, Emma’s, fourth birthday! It was gorgeous weather in the suburbs; sunny, blue skies with a nice breeze. It was a fun mixture of family, friends, adults, and kids, as well as numerous unicorn related paraphernalia, including a cake, stuffed animals, various gifts, and balloons. From my estimation, she and everyone had a great time. These little ones are such a joy. They make me excited about having kids of my own one day!


The following Sunday morning, I went back to the city and took a Ballet Burn class at my gym. The substitute that day was tough, in a good way. She puts a huge emphasis on posture and a very high number of reps. On Monday morning, I felt the soreness, especially in my glutes and shoulders from demi-pliés and pulsing arms in second position for minutes upon minutes. What I’m noticing from my recent strength training is that my legs are very strong but my abdominal muscles and shoulders are by far the weakest. I used to think that my chest muscles were, but that is not the case. So far, I’m encouraged by the physical changes I’ve been seeing as well as a lack of injury (I’m prone to neck and back strains). I think the high rep, moderate weight is a good system for me, coupled with stretching and walking.

Ballet Burn equipment: resistance band for toning, mat for floor work, and body bar for balance.

Marge finally returned from her long vacation over in Spain yesterday and while I’m happy she had such a wonderful time, I also feel very relieved that she’s back home. It was an adjustment for my day-to-day life not being able to speak with her on the phone or connect over text, though we fared well using Viber and were able to chat two or three times during her trip. I am definitely looking forward to traveling like this down the line myself. I’m also looking forward to seeing my mom again in the near future to catch up.

That most likely will be on October 6th to celebrate my birthday on the 2nd as well as my brother’s on the 7th. We’re going to Baker Square. Just kidding. I’m trying to get them to buy into Longman & Eagle in Logan Square because it’s a good meet up spot for all of us and I’ve been hearing a lot of good buzz. In thinking more about my own birthday lately, I just don’t know how much I care about this one. 29 years isn’t exactly a banner year and most of the time, I prefer being low key or relaxed in a homey environment. When I think about my younger twenties, even then, I had to pretend I liked going out just for the sake of going out. Now, it’s to eat and drink interesting fare and have good conversations you can actually hear. Also, literally no one on the planet wants to see me dance in a nightclub, unless they are a masochist and like harming their eyeballs.

I think if Margie and I make it Napa later in October for a mini vacation, that would be a great celebration. 29 and full of pinot noir. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m trying really hard to stop spending money on meals that include extras such as skirt steak and avocado ($3+ for each on Grubhub) and random material goods from evil traps like Sephora and Target. It’s always a struggle and will be especially this week, with Nordstrom Triple Points Days starting tomorrow. Le sigh. At least I found a cheaper chai tea latte alternative…


TJ’s for the win!

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