I haven’t done one of these in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I’m not discovering new accounts on Instagram that capture my imagination, make me laugh, teach me something, or all three! Round III of IG account recommendations. My hope is you may find some value in checking them out if you’re a regular Instagram user. Here we go!


The 12ish Style’s Katie Sturino is a fashion blogger based in New York. I love her Instagram page because she shows how a woman around size 12 can still dress fashionably.  Her mission is to “introduce girls like her who wear sizes 12-18 to fashion forward brands across extended and plus sizes”. While I’m not in that range, I am also not that far below and sometimes it’s a struggle to shop at certain brands because they don’t accommodate curves. She’s also credited with starting the #makemysize movement; essentially calling out brands for having limited size options when the average woman is a far cry from size 0-2. I love it. She also doesn’t come across as bitter to me, rather enthusiastic, driven, and inclusive!


Do you like candy? Cereal? Do you like color coding and extreme organization? Than you’ll love the IG page of New Jersey-based artist and self-progressed, “Object Arranger”, Adam Hillman. Seeing a cubic formation of M&Ms organized in rainbow formation is the eye candy I never knew I needed. Playing with your food can be satisfying as it turns out, when situated in a methodical manner. Adam ventures beyond edibles into basic household and office supplies, though my favorites still tend to be the foodstuffs! Hillman also includes flash videos as well, so be sure to check those out!



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While this Instagram page is heavy, I think it’s extremely important in order to create and maintain awareness of those afflicted by AIDS. Many posts include harrowing photos of those ravaged by the illness before better treatment options existed, accompanied by beautiful and heartbreaking stories from their family and loved ones. It’s very powerful and often makes me feel terribly sad that many of these people were ostracized from their community or that they didn’t have access to the healthcare they desperately needed. It’s an important reminder for us all.



David Chang is an award winning chef and founder of famous restaurant group, Momofuku. He was featured on Chef’s Table and is the producer and host of  Netflix’s Ugly Delicious. I like David’s sense of humor, especially when his mom is involved, and the photos of food that he posts are constantly making me hungry, even if at first, they look anything but appetizing. HENCE! Ugly, delicious.


Shreya is a comic artist who, from what I can glean, is rather private, so I don’t know much about her. What I do know, is that I love her comics! Often featuring anthropomorphic cats, dogs, and ducks, her characters go through everything from being hangry to full on existential crisis. I like the offbeat lines of thinking and that Shreya doesn’t always need to wrap these shorts up in a funny punchline or a happy ending. They’re oddly human to me!


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