This weekend was full of three things. Ready for some corny alliteration?

  1. Food
  2. Family
  3. Fun

Let me elaborate…

On Friday night, I was in bed binge watching Season 4 of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. It’s incredibly funny and very sweet. I highly recommend this show for an uplifting and hilarious end of day viewing. Dan Levy and his big, beautiful eyebrows continue to be my crushes.

On Saturday morning, I met my friends, Zoe and her boyfriend Aaron, in their neighborhood (Ravenswood). We had breakfast at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits, located at Damen and Argyle. Oh my goodness! The smells upon walking in made me ravenous. Their menu features a very cool variety of sweet and savory pies, biscuits, and grits among other choices. I went with the “Fancy” Grits because, I mean, look at me. I am very fancy. This included cheddar grits, avocado, pimento cheese, and a poached egg.


I loved the vibe in there; cozy, rustic, and friendly! After chatting for a while, we parted ways and I walked over an hour back to my home. Chilly, sunny fall days are the ideal for a long, brisk walk. I was very much in my element.

Later that afternoon, I milled around River North, dipping into Nordstrom and somehow managing not to buy anything, before waiting to meet my brother at what turned out to be the wrong AMC Theatre downtown. Fortunately, I hightailed it to the correct one in River East and we made it before the film started. I was very sweaty from running with two large bags, but glad not to have missed a moment of A Star is Born. It was fantastic! Bradley Cooper did a wonderful job directing and both he and Lady Gaga were exceptional. I loved the story and my god, is she talented. She’s an absolute natural and they both had very believable chemistry.

I had never seen the previous versions, so I didn’t know what to expect exactly from the plot. Let’s just say, tears were shed. I was trying very hard not to make any noises since there were many dinguses around us that had been making noises and scenes throughout the movie (futzing with wrappers during quiet moments; dancing to the Roy Orbison tribute scene, and then one very special person kept commenting on everything, grrr). Let me tell you, it is very tiring to cry silently and your throat feels like a pretzel knot. I was exhausted from just that.

We then hopped on the Red Line and headed to Wilmette to have dinner prepared by our mom. We had a lot of red wine and played a game I’d like to think I made up; “Guess What Movie This Song Is From”, is the working title. It got quite raucous and competitive, but was the source of a lot of laughter and extreme fatigue the next day.

On Sunday, I got up and we all had coffee and laughed about the night before. My aunt Alice was in town for a school reunion, so around 12pm we headed out for brunch at Farmhouse in Evanston. We devoured a soft pretzel with spicy mustard and cheese, and I lit into a very delicious flat iron steak and unfortunately, rather runny poached eggs. Also, some rosemary potatoes. Because of course, more carbs.

Marge, Alice, me, Bill. We were feeling blue, ha ha.

You ever have one of those days where you’re stomach is a bottomless pit? After brunch, I stopped at the nearby Whole Foods and bought a few things, including a bag of what are called Cheese Curls (think Cheetos). Because I definitely needed more food. The rest of the day was spent tidying the house, eating cheese curls, and watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, which is very good. It’s a great combination of mystery, drama, and horror. It explores the complications and lasting impact of death, grudges, mistakes, and forgiveness within a family, with a wonderful supernatural backdrop straddling the 1970s and present day. There are very few jump scares, for those of you that don’t enjoy that. Plus, the cinematography, writing, directing, and acting are all very strong.


And so it was. My weekend of food, family, and almost too much fun. This week will bring a welcome detox from red meat, alcohol, and fake Cheetos. Also need to pump up the gym volume. The splurges were fun though while it lasted. Cheers!


Goodbye, my sweet curls…

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