Hello friends.

I got a lot done that has essentially been looming over me for awhile. It really started with an impromptu organization of all my papers at home. I feel like a mafioso or grandmother (or both) when I say “my papers” and I quite enjoy that. Retirement statements, insurance policies, lease agreements, oh my! Smashed into drawers or boxes haphazardly. I piled them on my bed and went to work. I created a pile for the shredder, which included things like very old retirement statements and my unemployment paperwork from 2014, woof.

In doing that, I felt much better and I discovered my passport, with an ancient picture of me with blond hair, bangs, and sad attempt of a suntan, during my Reese Witherspoon era. It was cute in 2007, so I thought. It had expired last year and was sadly barely used. I also found my iPhone 5 laying pretty in a drawer. Though it had gotten slow, there were no chips or cracks to be seen. I decided to get my passport renewed, including a new photo. I was wearing a new wine colored turtleneck (thank you Kylie, it’s the best) with matching lipstick and porcelain skin that I now covet and work very hard to maintain! We basically went from a chubby Reese to Dita Von Teese.

My new passport photo is glamorous.

I went to UPS to ship my passport application materials out in addition to my old cell phone. I got a quote from Decluttr, which I had never heard of before, but I recommend checking out. It’s an online platform where you can buy and sell electronics, books, and games. It was way better than the quote from Gazelle, a similar competitor. They even included a free shipping label, so I just bought the box to ship it with. Hopefully that will process without issue!

Beyond all of this decluttering and organization, I have also been working hard to exercise as much as possible and take care of my physical and mental health. I’ve been doing my typical Bodypump classes and walking like a maniac around Chicago since it’s glorious weather this time of year. I also did an interesting hot yoga class with Kylie over the weekend and it was very intense in terms of the poses, but also quite relaxing. I think I’ll keep exploring ClassPass until my free trial ends so I can do something like that again or a cycling class. I also got my flu shot. Note: Make an appointment at Walgreen’s because I beat a whole group of people walking in for one.

Therapy continues to be extremely helpful, though progressively more intense. I do not even pretend to have it all figured out, but as someone that struggles with universal issues, but also has a tendency to get really down as most people do, I cannot recommend seeing a therapist enough. As we approach the inevitable hunkering down for the fall and winter (particularly in colder climates), I think this is even more important, especially because natural sunlight can be more limited and it’s easier to want to stay home. This is one of my biggest issue, being a homebody.

It me.

My new goal is to get out there more, even though every cell in my body tells me I worked hard, have a glass of wine at home then climb in bed. I may do that, but then I just sort of feel empty. Who wants a perfect body or some tidy drawers all alone? Just being productive doesn’t keep you happy at the end of the day. Gotta have a balance. That’s why I love when my friends want to walk or exercise together; it’s two birds with one stone. Still, I can’t lie and say that I don’t love a happy hour with colleagues or going out to dinner and drinks with friends. Dates? What even are those? Can I point the jury’s attention to Evidence A and B below?

But yes, putting myself out there more. I’ll be honest, it sounds really exhausting to go beyond my social comfort zone. Hopefully you can relate, especially if you’re an extroverted homebody like I am. I’m going to do it though. Stay tuned…

Proof I went out recently.

PS If you haven’t already, you must check out The Haunting of Hill House, an amazing horror/mystery/drama series on Netflix. This is an acceptable homebody activity. G’bye.

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