I love Bob’s Burgers, always have. This television show captures a very realistic depiction of humanity in a very funny and sometimes heartwarming way. The characters are good people, but they make plenty of mistakes and regularly display the kinds of flaws that a real person has. Like materialism and a touch of greed! This clip is of one of my favorite original songs from the show. Bob, a lower middle class fry cook, waxes poetic about the tangible life improvements he could afford if they sell a local fairground to real estate developers, even though it’s contrary to the wishes of his children. The truth is, nice things are nice…

Now that Halloween is over, the season materialism is upon us! I definitely participate in this for better or for worse. I often have to remind myself that it isn’t the stuff we own, but how we make others feel that they remember. One loophole in guilt free shopping is gift giving. Personally, I love buying things for others and seeing their reactions (I will be doing a comprehensive holiday gift guide post soon). So if you need to get your shopping itch scratched, my suggestion is to focus on other people as opposed to just yourself. If you do shop for yourself, which is totally okay (so I tell myself every time my wallet opens), we need to at the very least recognize that a new cashmere sweater is nice and feels great, but it doesn’t make you a better or worse person! Keeping up with the Jones’ is a real affliction and my own goal is to remember that owning something in order to compete with others takes the joy out of owning it anyway.

Speaking of gifts, the best gift I’ve received in a long time was this from my little “nieces”, which they generously purchased using a gift certificate they won in a contest. It was so touching! Let’s all make that the goal this year. When gift giving or purchasing, let’s infuse more meaning behind it, deal?


A watermelon pen with multiple ink colors! How sweet is that??

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