Hello friends! I’m sitting here in bed (no, I didn’t get a snow day). I actually requested this day off in advance as I just had a feeling I’d need it to recoup from a week of festivities. I was right! Especially because I have a cold so I can nurse it in bed. The heavy snow on the ground makes me feel even better about being cloistered at home today. I may try a cheeky workout, but it will have to be low key so I don’t sneeze on the seniors that do the elliptical while everyone’s at work.

I’m not complaining, by the way. Getting a cold was well worth it given how much fun this week was and how I got to see and spend time with so many wonderful people.

On Wednesday, we were let off of work even earlier than expected, so I got my nails done quickly so as not to frighten friends and family with the state of my cuticles. Then, I schlepped four bags, yes FOUR bags, on to the L heading to Wilmette. One was filled with my Christmas presents for Margie and Bill. I thought this was such a genius idea to bring that giant suitcase and leave it for when I want to take my Christmas gifts back to my apartment. Apparently I think I’m going to get a whole large suitcase full! A girl can hope…

At my mom’s house, we settled in with a cocktail and chatted until Bill arrived and we assaulted his ears with the obligatory show tunes. You may have seen our performance of Fiddler On the Roof. He asked us if we had to do this every time. Silly question.

On Thanksgiving morning, I peeled 12 pounds of potatoes that actually gave me a blister on my finger. Then, Marge and I headed to her trainer in Bannockburn for an hour long session. Afterwards, we went for a walk (nearly three miles) and were pretty pooped after that. We ate some leftovers, then I passed out for a power nap before we cleaned up and headed to the Geocarises for Thanksgiving dinner. As usual, the food was incredible, especially the stuffing. After dinner were tequila shots (delicious Casamigos; my first time trying) and more wine. So much fun, but I definitely suffered for it the following morning!

The meal!
The aftermath…

On Friday, my sweet friend Arie who lives in Evanston picked my tired ass up and we perused Old Orchard’s Black Friday sales. I was too hungry to shop in earnest so we had a very early lunch at Uncle Julio’s. We stopped into Lululemon for a second because she had a gift card and it was literally swarming with teenagers. Too much! Nordstrom was also busy. We also stopped in Aritzia, a store I’d never heard of, but was amazing! Great clothes for professional women.

Later that day, I took a necessary nap before a massage followed by a date (the two were separate, you dogs). Both were great! The massage therapist used deep pressure and my neck and shoulders were insanely tight per usual. The most intense portion was the work on my hips. I’m guessing the stair stepper is making them so tight, but who knows? It’s something I need to work on foam rolling more for sure.

Heaven is a place on Earth

On Saturday, I felt fairly tired but visited Starbucks to work on writing Christmas cards. Then I went to the gym, took a long nap, and headed over to Zoe’s darling place before an annual party in the Jefferson Park area. I’m also so happy that Kylie joined us as well. All of my high school friends adore her and she fits right in. See you guys? I do attend parties sometimes!

Me, Zoe, and Kylie! When friends combine!

Sunday morning, I woke up, did some ironing and tidied my house, before rolling my hair and getting ready for lunch at The Madison Bar & Kitchen in the West Loop followed by my first experience at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, seeing “Il trovatore” with my dear friend, Sarah, who happens to work there as well! I think I’ll be doing a separate post or faux review (as I am totally ignorant of the nuances of opera). It was a wonderful show, though! Thank you, Sarah!

The Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Grand Foyer
Sarah and me before the performance of Verdi’s “Il trovatore”

And now, cut to me in bed with some chamomile tea. You know your girl is going to be online shopping, for better or for worse, all day. Cheers and I hope everyone was as lucky as I was to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Whattup search bar?

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