Hi all. Forgive the lack of posting in the first week of December. I’ve been a little busy and in the earlier part of the week, was under the weather (of course the same week as my work parties). Still, they were an absolute blast! We hosted a fun, successful cocktail party in the office on Wednesday and on Saturday, our team had a fabulous dinner at Somerset in the newer Viceroy Hotel. Preceding this, we enjoyed a cocktail hour at the Devereaux (also in the same building), which boasted some beautiful views of the city, specifically the bustling Gold Coast area.

I work with a beautiful group!

Sunday was a far less exciting day that consisted of laundry, ironing a mountain of clothes, a personal pizza, and fitful, twitchy naps. You know, when you feel like you’re falling? Maybe I have restless leg syndrome and Powerade just can’t fix it. I did, however, have a wonderful time enjoying coffee with my friend Danielle. Like when she pointed out a couple that lit a three-wicked candle in the middle of Starbucks, as if it smelled like a dumpster. She always makes me laugh no matter the circumstances and my circumstances were exhausted and a wee bit dehydrated.


So what does this week bring? More festivities, although, generally they will be more casual and low key, which is just fine with me. I’m looking forward to gingerbread house decorating with my little “nieces” and baking holiday treats for friends and family with Margie this weekend. Otherwise, I will be trying to make good on my sleep debt from the last week and a half. Good luck to me and to you all! More posts soon. I will definitely hit the ground running in 2019, which is swiftly upon us.


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