It’s been a while, friends. Sorry for the lax posting. December was incredibly busy for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly and was actually far less drained than I would have expected. That said, I’m relieved that the celebrations are dwindling and at the moment, I have no plans for New Year’s Eve. I’m totally okay with that, too. I’ve never been a big fan of this particular holiday. It’s often been a disappointment, unjustifiably expensive, and/or uncomfortably loud and crowded. My ideal scenario is cozy at home alone with some wine and a great movie marathon. And at this point, I won’t be feeling bad about that!

New Year’s plans (from kimchi.the.pug’s Instagram)
From bodyposipanda’s Instagram page

As the year wraps up, we inevitably start to think about the changes we might want to make in the new year. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with goal setting and wanting to make some adjustments, but I don’t think creating a rigid list of major life overhauls is the healthiest practice. Typical resolutions include extensive weight loss, heavy dieting, halting all spending, drinking, and more. The goals appear to be healthy, but how often does cold turkey work for you? What happens if you don’t lose 15 pounds and plateau at 10? Probably not going to make you feel great about yourself even though a 10 pound weight loss is huge!

Trust me, I totally get the desire to detox after the holidays, but having a “perfect” month of no junk, no booze, no nothing is difficult for anybody to achieve and if you slip up, it leaves you feeling like a failure. And honestly, a month sans life’s pleasures sounds boring as hell any way. For example, I ate a ton of red meat this holiday. I’m happy to take a break, but I’m not going to stop eating meat if my body tells me it’s craving it, just because it’s January. I just will be more mindful about it and lessen the frequency, if that is what makes me feel better physically and mentally. Remember, nobody is insisting you create these goals except you. And you do not have to make or do any of them.

All the yes!

My personal goals are a little more complex and require steady consistency as opposed to encompassing an “all or nothing” mentality and drastic approach. That just never has worked well for me. Here are some areas that I’d like to focus on now.

  1. Improving my spinal health; trying to increase my flexibility through regular movement, stretching, postural changes, and foam rolling with the goal to manage my chronic pain more proactively.
  2. Make more of an effort to explore cooking beyond frozen meals and pasta, even if it’s a few times a month. See if it’s possible to enjoy the process more.
  3. Continue to balance alone time and time with loved ones in order to prevent total hermit loneliness on one hand and drained energy on the other.
  4. Practice more mindfulness when making financial and spending decisions as opposed to enjoying the short-lived thrill of impulsive shopping.
  5. Read more. Post more.

My point is that there are marketing gimmicks employed around New Year’s that are used to make you feel like you don’t have your life together and that you need massive change. It’s not true. All of your efforts throughout the year should not be forsaken just because it’s suddenly January. Remember that and be kind to yourself when you’re reflecting and considering adjustments to your life post-holiday season. Cheers!

And yourself!

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