January, for my line of work, is busy season! And as exciting and energizing as it is, it can be very difficult to “turn it off” and quiet my mind. Think about it: you’re suddenly laying in bed attempting to lull yourself to sleep after a jam packed day full of meetings, emails, and phone calls, sometimes simultaneously! No doubt this is kind of a shock to the mind. “You’re asking me to shut down after all you put me through today? Why stop now!”. If you’re like me, you have a harder time putting your phone down before bed because you feel compelled to check emails, reminders, scheduled appointments, etc. This is okay in terms of being prepared, but not to extent where it sparks anxiety that catches fire and consumes your thoughts. And then you start worrying that you won’t even get enough sleep in order to tackle the next day. And while not every night is like this, they are definitely more prevalent in post-holiday busy season.

What’s to be done about this? I don’t have one single method and honestly, I resort to Advil PM at times (I’m trying to not make that a habit). Healthier alternatives include laying on my back and listening to a guided sleep meditation like this. Or I might puzzle until I’m in that zen and my eyes are too tired to continue. Writing is also very calming for me. Not working this time? That’s okay. I have these other tricks to wind down. Regardless of what you do, I think the point is to focus on something that isn’t related to the ins and outs of your schedule, inbox, to-do lists, and obligations. I know for me, at some point I hit a wall looking at a screen all day. I liken that to my brain yelling, “Enough already!” I try to focus on something that doesn’t involve high stakes, but that relaxes and sparks joy for you (thanks Marie Kondo). Trusting that you’ll get what you need to get done, done is key in order to quiet the mind and shut up that inner voice that causes you stress anxiety. Busy season is busy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful if you’re allowing your mind to take a break each day.

It’s now, more difficult than ever in this digital world to disconnect and quiet our minds, but it’s so important. So how about you? Do you have any other powerful methods or tips to get through busy times at work? How do you handle the stress and anxiety of day to day responsibility?

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