Hello all! How is everything going with you? I feel that many of my friends are going through a surge in busyness in the business realm and I am no exception. Sometimes it’s hard to find the energy to write after a long day, but much like working out, it makes me feel better when I do. So what else is going on with me, you (didn’t) ask?

Well, the enormous hole in my ceiling finally got patched up after much haranguing of the property management company I lease my studio from. I got $100 taken off of my rent, which is better than nothing! However, between this kerfuffle and feeling stir crazy/winter blues, I’ve been doing more apartment searching . Unfortunately, I won’t be moving until mid-April or mid-May, so it’s a little early still. After two years of living alone, I’m enjoying myself, but am absolutely looking forward to having an in-unit dishwasher again and upgrading to in-unit laundry! It’s the little things but oh my, would that make a world of difference! I’m also looking for a dog friendly apartment for an eventual pug buddy.

Winter bod in full effect!

I booked a trip in March to Savannah, Georgia during St. Patrick’s Day weekend with my dear friend Britt and I’m very excited because I’ve never been there, and apparently, they are really into the holiday (who knew?). Other than that, I’ve got no immediate travel plans, but am definitely thinking about some ideas from trips this year. I’d love to get out of the country, even to Mexico or Canada, in order to make use of my new passport. Or even cross country, piggy-backing on one of my mom’s west coast business trips would be great!

In the meantime, though, I’m trying to keep moving in the small radius of my “bubble”. I went to the gym last night, feeling very low energy, but I did a workout and it helped inspire an Instagram poem:

Do you, too, think about cheese?

So, next Thursday is Valentine’s Day. My sweet friend Arie and I are getting Ethiopian food at one of our favorite restaurants in Uptown (her fiancé is unavailable that night so she kindly asked if I was free). I’ll be happy to have companionship especially on the 14th, even if it is just a greeting card holiday. The dating game in Chicago remains quite unchanged, if not more sluggish than usual. On the female-responds-first app, Bumble, for example, I recently matched a guy and wrote “Good morning, _____”. By the time I looked back that afternoon, he had unmatched me. Apparently, no one wants a good morning? I don’t know anymore. All I do know is that dating is a bit of a hot mess these days. I genuinely am unsure how people are meeting each other. So I’ll continue on with my on and off love, George Glass.

Anyway, not much else is new. Hope all is well! More soon…but until then, please enjoy:

A young professional.

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