Saturday night was cold as all hell, but so much fun. It’s always the best having my friend Britt back in town so the trio (with Kylie), can reunite and take on Chicago! As we get older, we realize more and more how much more difficult it is to get together given all of our busy lives and responsibilities. At the same time, we realize how important it is to be with each other and prioritize our friendships, because as women, I do really feel those friendships sustain us.

As usual, when Britt arrived, we shopped a bit, though close to my neighborhood. Had some snacks, got ready to go out, and enjoyed a three stop evening around the city. Stop one was at Tanoshii, a sushi restaurant in the West Loop. I haven’t had sushi in a while and I did enjoy it, but we stuck to classic rolls (California, spicy salmon, shrimp tempura, etc.). I also had some warm sake, which was delicious. I wish I could remember the name!

After dinner, we went a little further west to The Press Room for a post-dinner drink. The girls had a margarita, coincidentally named after Britt’s son. I had the Hemingway Daiquiri, which contained rum, lime, and grapefruit juice. It was very limey, but I was trying something new and wasn’t in the mood for wine. Our last stop was Barcocina in my neighborhood, where we enjoyed their balsamic guacamole and warm tortilla chips before calling it a little after midnight.

Always a great time with the girls! Looking forward to our trip to Savannah in March!

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One thought on “Girl’s Night Out!

  1. Alice Freeman says:

    So happy to see you happy w/ your Besties!!!

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