One of the “draggiest” parts about this time of the year in areas like the Midwest is the dry air, outside, as well as inside due to rogue apartment radiators that whistle like a tea kettle all night, every night! I used to have a humidifier that I would put a few drops of essential oil into and use throughout the winter, but admittedly, the upkeep and maintenance was a pain in the butt. I’d go through whole bottles of vinegar to remove the sedimentary build up. I just didn’t bother with it this year. Instead, I’ve turned fully to skin care (shocking!), in order to aid and prevent dry skin.

The newest product I’ve tried that I really enjoy is made by Swiss beauty company, Weleda, and it’s called Skin Food. I had first been made aware of this product by celebrity make up artist, Katie Jane Hughes, who regularly demonstrates her make up and skin care habits on her Instagram. She’s a religious user of Skin Food, albeit more so to create a dewy sheen in her makeup. When I was recently shopping at Whole Foods, I thought I’d give it a try!

I opted for the 1 oz as opposed to the 2.5 oz, to make sure I liked the product. It’s extremely rich and my one concern was regarding potential acne flare ups, but, that has not been the case! A little goes a long way, and I’ve made it a habit to apply a full, but thin layer on my face before bed so that I’m not waking up with flaky skin around my nose and lips as often the case for me in the wintertime. Per Weleda’s website, Skin Food is created with plant ingredients. You can even select each ingredient and read about what it is, which I think many shoppers gung-ho on natural products would find great comfort in.

Skin Food is also recommended for other dry skin areas, such as elbows, knees, feet, and hands. I like when a product is versatile in its functionality, quite like Aquaphor. You can incorporate it into your makeup, like Katie does in the video above, or use it in your winter skin arsenal. I’d probably use it all year around as needed. This product is dermatologically tested and while there is a scent, I find it pleasant and not overpowering. Highly recommend! You can get it at Whole Foods, as I did, or on their website, or Amazon (but Jeff Bezos doesn’t need your money; he needs to keep his pants on!).

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