Instead of coming home after work, scrolling uselessly through social media or watching endless amount of Netflix, I’ve decided to be more intentional with my spare time. I’m always trying to find ways to continue staying mentally engaged. With that said, my new goal is to read at least one book a week. So far, I’ve been successful, and I’m reveling in it. I know it may ebb and flow depending on my schedule and with the increased social focus that inevitably comes with warmer weather, but consuming a variety of literature is so enjoyable to me and it makes me wonder how I strayed from it so far in the last several years.

I started my project with tackling Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert in three days. I chose this book as my starter because I remembered really enjoying the writing style and fever pitch drama of the story. It didn’t disappoint the second time around! Flaubert’s story of the little middle-class village of Yonville in Northern France housing the bored, desperate housewife, Emma Bovary, as well as other ancillary characters, was as satisfying as I remember. Thanks to Flaubert’s great gift of lyrical description, the story, characters and landscape teem with life and fullness.

Afterwards, I read Maus I by Art Spiegleman, a graphic comic, for the first time, though I remember other high school English teachers taught it to my peers. I’m not sure why I never had it in my curriculum, but I’m grateful that it occurred to me to read it now. It’s a recounting of Spiegleman’s conversations with his father, Vladek, who recalls his harrowing experiences in Nazi-occupied Poland. It’s both charming and terribly sad. I devoured that in a day and have already ordered Part II. In the meantime, while I wait for it to arrive, I’ve embarked on Joan Didion’s famous collection of essays about the 1960s, Slouching Towards Bethlehem. I expect to complete that this weekend.

And onward I go, and I am loving it. I am not discriminate to any type of book, though I typically prefer fiction. Any and all suggestions are welcome, though I indeed to go through my library first!

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