Queer Eye’s enduring popularity makes sense. In a world where gun violence, xenophobia, political turmoil, and social disconnect seem to dominate the public’s conscious, it’s no wonder that a television show based on good intentions, kindness, understanding, and encouragement has a strong foothold in popular culture. The modern reboot of the show’s original and more shallow iteration, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, has far surpassed its predecessor with a more inclusive and wholesome approach. Even the tagline is telling: “More than a makeover”.

Each season focuses on nominated persons, often do-gooders that have neglected themselves, in a variety of American cities. Seasons one and two focus on nominees in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding towns while seasons three and four are set in and around Kansas City. The selection of the “makeoveree” itself is progressive in that it’s no longer just straight, cisgender men with bad fashion sense. We’ve seen representation in the transgender, disenfranchised, African American, Asian, lesbian, disabled, and other more marginalized communities without the resources to “live their best lives”. Some of them are progressive, and others have never met a gay person before, let alone five at one time.

These life-changing transformations are lead by the “Fab Five” Antoni Porowski (food and wine expert), Tan France (fashion expert), Karama Brown (culture and lifestyle expert, Bobby Berk (design expert), and the unforgettable, over the top Jonathan Van Ness (grooming expert). Tears are often shed, vulnerability is uncovered, and true learning happens. Even the experts themselves will draw from their personal experiences to connect and encourage these people.

At the end of the day, Queer Eye is more than just a fun show to watch. It’s a beacon of hope; people can set their differences aside and open themselves up to positivity, self-confidence, personal responsibility, and change. The way things are in the world right now, I think we need that more than ever and that’s why we’ll continue to see more seasons for a long time.

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