Last Sunday morning while the rain pounded away at my window and the thunder crackled every thirty seconds, I figured that it was as good a time as any to go through my closet and reorganize it.

I had accumulated so many clothes since my last closet clean out that some pieces were just hidden, entirely smashed in between other, larger garments. I also had been wanting to go swap my shoe boxes (I still swear by the ones from The Container Store) on the floor of my closet with my luggage, handbags, and miscellaneous items on the shelves. My shoes have been increasingly hidden under my long dresses and sweaters and every time I required the use of my luggage, I would have to carefully take it down while balancing on my step stool. Frankly, I’m surprised I had this arrangement and didn’t make this change sooner as it’s just common sense!

I emptied all of my hanging clothes onto my bed and sorted through, bagging items for donation and setting aside a few nicer pieces for potential consignment at a later time. I went through all of my totes, clutches, and handbags, dumping out many rogue mints, DayQuil capsules, pens, and other flotsam and jetsam. I even found a really cute ring that I’d forgotten about (I assumed it had just been a casualty of a past night out or constant bag switch-ups).

After tackling my closet, the rainstorm continued so I did as well, turning my attentions to my vanity drawer. I pitched nearly empty hair product and the instructions for some old beauty gadgets. Next up were the drawers of my television console. They were full of mechanical pencils, binder clips, old Apple product boxes, and other trash. These were mixed with a copy of my lease renewal, guest parking passes, and my college transcript. No doubt this was a result of being too lazy to file them properly.

All in all, I created a more seamless and sensible organizational system, which is imperative in a relatively small studio space. I have better sight and access to my clothes, shoes, and bags. I was also able to make a sizeable clothing donation to a local dropbox. Finally, I now know what my fall fashion inventory looks like. With the giving away of older, gently worn clothes that don’t fit or “spark joy” anymore, as Marie Kondo would say, I now have an excellent excuse to go shopping!

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2 thoughts on “Closet Clean Out

  1. Janet says:

    Excellent, Megan! I have helped people organize in the past and know how good they feel when they do exactly what you did!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Megan says:

      Thank you, Janet!


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