After having posted about my most recent “bad date”, I thought I’d ask around to see what other people have encountered in terms of bad dates. Holy cow, some of these examples make mine look like a love match. Please enjoy and share your feedback in the comments. Happy Friday!

  • “One time a guy literally asked over cocktails mid-conversation how I broke my nose. I said I’d never broken my nose and then he doubled down and argued that I had one based on how crooked my nose was.”
  • “One date I went on the guy talked about his mom the whole time.”
  • “She was an hour late and brought a friend who eventually left. Then she brought a guy up to us while we were out and asked if I would be interested in a ménage à trois.”
  • “One guy said, “Tell me about yourself, but if you’re just average, it’s probably not going to work. So let’s hear it.’ So I told him, ‘I like to knit with low lighting and a glass of red wine with my two cats.'”
  • “Went to a trivia night and he was dressed in a scruffy tank top, scarfed the buffet food like a pig, and argued/corrected me on all of my trivia suggestions. I ended up telling him I wasn’t enjoying myself and didn’t think we were a good match after about 30 minutes. I left him sitting there with his mouth full of Mac & Cheese, looking totally stunned.”
  • “Met a cute guy on an app and he said he had a kid. I was okay with it since I’m divorced (we are at that age where we all have baggage). I asked how old the kid was and he said, ‘two months.’! I still went on the date and he was a horribly selfish person. Pretty sure his baby’s mom didn’t know he was dating…”
  • “I decided to download Hinge for the first time and went out with this guy. He said that he was sort of seeing someone but it wasn’t serious. I looked him up on Facebook after and not only did he have a child, but he also had a fiancée!”
  • “I asked her questions and she would reply with one-word answers. She did eventually ask me one question: ‘Want to go to Porn N’ Chicken?’ I said no.”
  • “I had fainted and threw up and he was still trying to seduce me.”
  • “He said, ‘You got a really cute face, but you should consider less SoulCycle and hit the weights section.’ So I ordered a tequila shot and left him the bill.”
  • “After squirming in his seat at the movies (bad idea on a first date), he leaned over and whispered, ‘I have prostate issues’.”
  • “I was on a date with some dude I met on Tinder (he was like 5’5”, which I didn’t know until I saw him in person) and as we were playing darts and drinking beer, he brought up how his ex-girlfriend would of hated this place and wouldn’t stop talking about her for a good 30 minutes. Then when he said he was going outside to smoke a cigarette (ew), that’s when I made my escape and just left without saying goodbye. Then the next day he called me in actual tears asking me what he did wrong. “

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