Do you ever find a clothing brand where nearly every single item speaks to you and wants to find a way into either your physical or virtual shopping cart? That’s how I’ve been feeling about Madewell for the last few years, but particularly as the fall season approaches. If you know me, you know that fall is above and away my favorite time of the year; it’s when I feel the most creative, energized, healthy, and joyful, not to mention stylish. I love fall clothes! Let’s explore the reasons why Madewell embodies my fall style spirit for 2019.

Quality without astronomical prices.

Spending money on cheap, chintzy garments that fall apart after a single wash from a retailer like Forever 21 makes no sense to me. Neither does purchasing trendy designer blouses for $300 a pop unless I want to be without a roof over my head in a year. Madewell offers higher quality at a moderate price. For example, I have a pair of animal print loafers and a black leather tote by Madewell that have held up nicely in spite of heavy usage over the last year or two. I don’t worry that any new additions from this brand won’t be around for a while.

The brand is stylish and more age appropriate.

At almost 30, I am a far cry from my more scantily clad college days followed by the body-con clubwear that I wore in my early twenties. I don’t even like clubs! These days, I go where I prefer to hang out; a dive bar or a friend’s house. Madewell’s relaxed denim, patterned tees, and cozy sweaters would blend better in those types of environment. I like to think of it as “elevated casual”.

The color palette screams autumn.

From rust-colored sweaters, olive green utility jackets, sunset orange tees, mahogany booties, to striped scarves; the colors that are innate to the brand evokes all of the pleasant experiences associated with fall. I can see myself dressed in Madewell frolicking about a pumpkin patch, picking apples, visiting the farmer’s market, or being curled up with a book at home and a cup of tea. Pure hygge!

Here are some of my favorite pieces for sale at and Nordstrom!

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