Hi friends. My apologies for the radio silence this week. I had another post planned but decided to postpone the scheduling of it given the events of the last few days.

Firstly, work has been extremely busy, which is a good thing. I interviewed 10+ candidates internally, sent active ones out on several interviews, and did quite a bit of scheduling and administrative work. This saw me in the office early, fully engaged throughout the day, and leaving later. We also had a very fun after-hours event by the river on Wednesday night, sitting close to former Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel. It’s a rewarding feeling considering that the more volume I produce as a recruiter, the more chance for making matches between clients and candidates.

That said, I do feel as though I’m running on fumes a little bit even though I have managed to prioritize a good nights’ sleep all week. My energy reserves are quite depleted and I haven’t been able to focus on the blog. I plan to take the opportunity of a long weekend ahead to create and write and I’m very excited about that.

Interestingly, I found myself in Evanston Hospital after work on Tuesday evening. My poor mom underwent a surprising emergency appendectomy! Fortunately, it won’t affect her nearing travel plans to Africa and the surgery was successful; even post-op she was her normal funny, chatty self and she was able to return home the next day.

It made me think about life; particularly health, aging, and friendship. One of the most profound aspects of this experience was seeing the overwhelming outpouring of love and concern from my mom’s family and friends. Man, my phone was blowing up! I always say that if I post anything via social media with my mom involved, my “likes” grow exponentially.

My mom is a wonderful person with so many people that care about her. Even though this ended up being kind of an odd blip in her health history, it goes to show how her kindness, reliability, and sense of humor has put her high on the priority list for many people to extent where it was easier for her to do a mass email update than keeping up with all the individual messages she received.

As mentioned, I am looking forward to being creative this weekend as well as spending more time in the gym; haven’t gone since Monday. I’m also indulging my guilty pleasure of rewatching the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. When you need R&R, I believe that you feel it in every single cell of your body and I certainly do now.

I hope everyone reading takes great care of themselves and enjoys their long weekend in exactly the way that they want to!

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2 thoughts on “Work, Emergency Surgery, and Labor Day Weekend

  1. Carol Lezberg Neiger says:

    I’m so glad your Mom is OK-send my love please!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Megan says:

      Carol, you’re the sweetest! I certainly will.


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