It’s been an odd week for me, especially in the dream department. I dream vividly once in a while, but typically, I don’t. This week was different. I dreamed intensely every single night. The worst of it was Monday night. In my dream, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and woke up crying. I went back to sleep and overslept until 7:45 am, which is normally when I’m arriving at my office. But this day, I rushed to work, feeling disoriented by the dream and the confusion. The next day I had a dream where my tongue swelled to the point where I couldn’t breathe. In another dream, my job was in jeopardy.

These dreams were so strong that they trickled into my waking consciousness. Inevitably, they started me out on weird footing for the day ahead and as a result, I’ve felt more irritable, sad, and/or confused. It doesn’t help that it’s pitch black in the morning and the sun is going down earlier and earlier. Part of the culprit has to be re-watching The Haunting of Hill House, which is choc-full of gruesome imagery and gut-wrenching drama.

Between the dreams, the diminishing sunlight, and the onset of colder weather, I’m feeling a little bit funky. A little blue, a little grouchy. If you have any recommendations on how to deal with this that doesn’t include oversleeping, overeating, and being alone (trust me, I’ve tried), let me know. My dreams are at least improving now that I’m done with Hill House. Last night, I was at a tropical resort with friends and Tom Brady and Gisele were hanging at the bar. Vivid. Weird. But not so dark!

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